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I'm so happy...can't you see?
Big silly smile on my face...
Jumping up and down...
Doing summersaults...
OMG...yep that's me!!

Joining this site...what a ride it's been
Meeting people here...well not literally
Spankers and Spankees and Switches too
All so sweet and's true!!

Some I met are Doms or Daddy Doms...
Others just spank...and of course...
Disciplinarians...those are my favorite
And what I need...True Discipline or Niko

Writing lots of poems...happy and sad
Very emotional is what I am...
Depending on the day and who I engage
Is how I write my poems...seriously!!

Today I'm happy...buzzing like a bee
So I want to write happily!!
CARS, A Spanking Not, A Spanking...Yes
Happy and sexy and fun attempts!!
Mostly my poems are dark, deep and gloom
Sadly...depressing...seems to rule!!

Thank you everyone for putting up with me
Reading the poems I create...
Letter to word to sentence to paragraph
That's how my stories are made...
Ain't that a Miracle...he he he!!

People who comment...make me smile
Knowing my poems touched them inside
So this is me feeling happy
Happy Happy Happy...yes indeed!!

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After 13 days trying to replace an alternator without pulling the axel, 2 badly smashed fingers n lots of skinned hands i had to pull it anyway.I had very little time with my Babygirl n being cranky, I finally got it replaced. I started the car and the light came back on.I wanted to scream and my Baby was busy with family, so no one to vent with. Today after talking with Babygirl,I crawled under car again and found bad connection. Car is fixed, and Babygirl sent me a video just to say she was thinking of me.Today is truly a great day.

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It seems impossible to find a female Spanking partner who doesn't want a relationship. Im not single, I have a girlfriend who play spanks me and always leads to sex. I do feel like I'm in need of a NON SEXUAL Spanking every once in a while. I have gone to fetlife and other websites and the females there want relationships. Where are the mature ladies with the "takes a village" attitude that are willing to punish my bottom without sex involved? It's frustrating trying to find a lady NOT to have sex with. Any advice would be happily accepted:)

Disciplinary Arts
48 views · 7 hours ago

Hi. I am looking for a spanking partner in the Eastbourne, East Sussex area during December. Ladies only of any age. If interested ask me for more details. Mike.

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I have received a number of enquiries about my previous blog, 'The Circle'. Yes Jen and I are very lucky to have found a number of people down through the years who share our interest. Of the regular 14 people involved in the circle two are strictly dominant while the rest of us,including myself,are comfortable switching roles. Meeting all these people did not happen overnight,both Jen and I have always been careful about who we invite along. One of the members of our Circle is my friend Amy.I know Amy since my first year at university and almost immediately we became very close friends. We experimented and became very close and had a lot of fun spanking each other and a few other girls we met at the time. It is a good feeling when one meets someone who has the same interest and is comfortable being around them. Our 'Circle' are comfortable being around each other at this stage. We come from many different walks of life and live a good distance from one another but always keep in touch.

The founding members of the 'Circle' were Amy ,Jen and myself and very gradually over time we discovered that there were others who shared our interest. Our 'Gentleman Friend' was our next member,I know him a good few years,before I met Jen,he done some work on my house when I first moved in. There is a married couple in our 'Circle' who do their best to get along whenever they can. There is one lady in our 'Circle' who is trying to get her fiance involved,but he is a bit nervous,I have spoken to him and he thinks we are all nuts,but he is understanding of his intended wife and knows there is no sexual intercourse involved,just spanking,LOL! She did spank him but he felt it didn't do too much for him,perhaps she should leave Jenny at him with her cane! At the end of the day it is all consenting adults having fun,people are into lots of different things,we just happen to be into a bit of spanking and correction. We view each meeting as a social event and sit around and talk about everything afterwards, we have dinner together and generally relax. We have dressed up in the past,mainly school uniforms, with Mr.A and Miss R as the teachers,they are the two who don't switch roles. We do have fun and everyone gets excited when we meet up. Our next get together has been arranged for November 22nd somewhere in the west of Ireland at Amy's house.Really looking forward to it.

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Hello ladies and gents. I know I have been MIA but it was for good cause. My time has been being dedicated to starting my at home business. I am a presenter for Younique. I have been trying to broaden my client base and it just hit me this morning to come ask y'all if you would like to take a gander at my webite and possibly shop a lil.

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Today I had the most excellent phone conversation with my Babygirl. Very rarely do we get more than a few minutes at a time and we got over an hour to catch up and tell spooky stories. I hated to hang up, but more time will come along down the road God willing and the creek don't rise. Till then our morning pre work chats will have to do.

79 views · 15 hours ago

Even though I'm over 30 now my mom actually said "I want to give you a whipping!" During an argument we had a few weeks ago!!!

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Look for a spanking partner in the eastern NC area.Females only! If you're interested, send me a message and we can discuss. :)

Disciplinary Arts
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The doors were locked and I wasn't expecting any other company. Curtains drawn, no one else could see. Music up, no one else could hear much, except maybe what could be mistaken for a drum lesson. Maybe it was a lesson, maybe I was the drum.

I had lit some candles and incense because I find it pleasant. The music, if anyone wonders, was type o negative. As a side note I really need to come up with some new music to quickly put on under such circumstances.

I did get another spanking, which I endured with at least a moderate level of grace. This time I suggested that my friend try a few things differently, although I was careful to leave my suggestions open to interpretation and creativity. Differently than the other couple of spankings I got earlier in the weekend, this started with an old fashioned regular over the knee spanking, with properly bared flesh. Even though it was my suggestion and I was willing, I will admit that I had just about forgotten how much more intense a spanking can be on bare skin.....

But I should make it on time to my second job, so I'll have to tell you all about it later! ;-)~

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Hello Fellow UK Spankee's.

'Vacancies ' ........... Seems a silly title,but I had to put something !.

Over the last 2 years I have lost 3 ' REGULAR ' members from my small group of spankee's.
So I believe that I can accommodate at least 2 new friends.
Please note experience / age /size / shape/ skin colour is no barrier to my group.
However these days it is proving difficult for larger ladies to fit over my knee. So perhaps you would have to omit that part of your fantasy.

Also these days I limited my driving time to 2.5 hours,which could be an 'half way point '.

Interested parties feel free to message me.

Experimental / unsure, and newbies can also continue as before to message me too.

N.B :- You must read my profile first.

Good Luck.

77 views · 21 hours ago

I struggle on a daily basis with this thing I call Darkness...It consumes me at times, and I have anxiety and panic attacks...In this Darkness...scary evil things lurk.. I try to fight this Darkness, and some days it works...I look normal on the outside, my Sir things that I am beautiful and amazing...My sis thinks that I am pretty cool even if I am weird and annoy her...This Darkness does want me to be happy..or have hopes or dreams..this Darkness tries every day to take over my mind..I wear many masks to hid this Darkness from everyone, because it likes to destroy those that I love...It is a never ending battle to keep the Darkness at bay, when it is real bad I lash out say and do hurtful things...At times it makes me hurt myself...It is a War that I am slowly losing...I may look strong, but I feel weak against the Darkness...I know one it will take over all of me...maybe then I will be at peace...I wouldn't wish this on anyone or anything..and yet this is what I baddle daily...This is what consumes my brain..and I don't have a off switch...I am drowning..with no end in sight..

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Well people I hate leaving without saying goodbye.
I haven't been long in here have enjoyed being able to speak to people with the same interests from all over the world.
Thanks to everyone who has taken time to talk to me.
I wish everyone well and great future.

Spanker 2016

95 views · 23 hours ago

Everyone's access isn't granted... I get alot of request but i take into careful consideration of a disciplinarian who wants to discipline me.

187 views · 1 days ago

Can someone tell me their punishments for failing every class for 2 semesters in a row?

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Hey is there anybody in NJ that's looking for some good spanking fun ...give or receive ???? hit us up and let's get together tonight !!!

131 views · 1 days ago

I posted some new pics ya'll I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments and seeing your ratings btw my fiancee hasn't been spanked for over a week because I was tired last week due to long hours at work but because of that he is now in need of a pretty good butt blistering this week. Stay tuned for more pictures of the red results (maybe even blistering results)

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My reprieve was short lived
I was naughty again
This time Sir said
There would be no sex
No bribes or distractions
Just bare bottom spankings

To the corner once again
Resuming my stance
Awaiting patiently for Sir to begin
After what seemed forever
Sir called me to him

Looking at implements laid on the bed
Trying to decide if I should run instead
One look at Sir...I knew it was futile
The look in his eyes said try it I dare you

Pillows on the bed...slowly I went
Walking to my doom...climbing the bed
Sir said higher...I raised my bottom up
No warm up was given...hard hand slapping
Sounds embarrassing

Suddenly stinging...his belt Sir was using
Heat radiating...pain overwhelming
Red like Sangria...Sir's favorite drink
I wish I was drinking...
Instead I'm mirroring...

Suddenly a whack...wood hitting flesh
Bumps will rise...bruises would appear
Screaming and crying...Sir didn't care
Indifferent to my tears...Sir persevered

A breath I'm holding
Sir said to breathe...gulping in air
Listen next more respect
Unless you want the cane added to this

Finally it stopped...paddle dropped
Sobbing remained...bottom in pain
Sir said to the corner you will stay
Easing off pillows...sliding from bed
Hobbling...crying still

Finally Sir called me...wanting to hold me
Embracing me...cuddling...letting me cry
Patting my bottom...words spoken softly
Slowly caressing...bottom throbbing
Safe in his arms...I was forgiven

A Spanking Not I received before
A pardon retracted forever more
A Spanking Yes it would seem today
Sitting uncomfortably for the week
I thought to myself...I better behave
At least til next month...when Sir is away

(I wrote A Spanking Not before writing A Spanking...Yes...)

Disciplinary Arts
26 views · 1 days ago

#RiseAndShine the only thing we can control is our own behavior. let it be a testament to Grace and Strength every step of the way #StrictMotivation

Strict Motivation offers help reaching your worthy life goals, through working, goal oriented real life coaching, Easily affordable. Strict Motivation is created to work Long Distance, from the convenience of your home and tailored to your specific needs, including as much discretion as you desire. Your gender identity or age are of no objection to Me. Strict Motivation is a holistic step by step approach. My Successrate with willing people tops 90%. no tricks, just get better with #StrictMotivation

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Are there any Dom/Top/Daddies in the Amarillo/Lubbock area???

I'm not looking for a Master or an erotic spanker. What I listed above is EXACTLY what I'm after.

Whipped Ass