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(part three)

I listened as footsteps approached the study door, and then a knock.

"Stay in position" I was told, and then "Yes, what is it?"
"Sir" said my newly acquainted lady friend "a parcel has arrived for you that requires your signature sir"
my heart skipped a beat as he replied "Enter then if you must."

With that the door opened, and, as luck would have it, the seat of my briefs were in an optimum viewing position for the young lady as she entered the study. The postal matron was standing in the doorway to the study, awaiting the signature so that she could release the package. She had quite an amused look on her face as well as she summed up the situation and realized she had arrived at the most opportune moment as a proper spanking was most obviously in progress. Given my history of disciplinings at the hands of Aunt Sophie, I was quite familiar with having women view me in my underpants for spankings. It was as wonderfully thrilling now as I remembered it being back in the day.

There was an exchange of signature for package with the clipboard having been laid on my back to collect what was required. All the while, I felt the postal matron's eyes moving all over my upturned bottom and took note of the look of glee readily apparent on her face, which seemed quite flushed with color. I could feel my own face glowing bright red with the embarrassment of spanking shame and underpants humiliation, and, at having two women present who were obviously enjoying my predicament. Furthering my embarrassment was the feeling of my hardness growing to a point where I thought I would burst right through the front my snug fitting briefs.

The postal Matron took one last long look and started to turn to leave, thought better of it, and then spoke.

"Sir, if I may?"
"yes, what is it?"

"It's not my place to say, but I do believe a good old fashioned spanking does a world of good now and then. This one seems to have a bit of cheek to him. I think the paddle or strap would serve this one much better, and with the underpants down as well I would think."

With that she turned and left. Great, I was thinking, I now have the British postal service fully endorsing my spankings. Having been American born and raised but now living in London, I was madly in love with the quirks of language and culture of this county, as well as the English penchant for proper spankings.

(to be contiuned)

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My best friend sent this to me and I laughed so hard I was crying, so I thought I would share it.
Merry Christmas A little early I know, but I have so many happy beautiful friends, I thought I'd get the ugly fuckers out of the way first. After careful consideration of your performance in 2016, I have decided to extend our friendship for another 12 months. A little Christmas message for you. Not every flower can say love, but a rose can. Not every plant survives a thirst, but a cactus can. Not every retard can read, but look at you go, little buddy! Today you should take a moment and send an encouraging message to a fucked up friend, just as I have done. I don't care if you lick windows, or fuck farm animals. You hang in there cupcake, because you're fucking special to me, and you're my friend. Look at you smiling at your monitor, you crayon eating mother fucker! Merry Christmas..❤️❤️

Enjoy all my SpankingTUBE friends

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The following story may – or may not be true. No offence is intended towards fanatics of any persuasion and any allusion to real people living or dead is to be viewed with some scepticizm.

Allow me to set the scene :

All of this happened a very long time ago (and some cynics go as far as allege that it did not happen at all.) I shall merely relate the story and allow the readers to judge for themselves.

The year is 1BC, and the events take place in a little town called Bethlehem in the land of Judea, which for those dudes amongst you who failed fifth grade geography is in the Middle East – which for those of you who don’t know any geography at all is a very long way away – unless you happen to live in modern Israel.

Now Judea at this time is ruled by the Romans, whose commander-in-chief - Caesar Augustus is, according to contemporary accounts, something of a shit-bag who likes nothing better than to shaft the peasants for as much cash as he can and feed them to the lions if they don’t cough up!

As if that were not bad enough, Caesar Gus has a stooge in Jerusalem who goes by the name “Herod the Great” who, as well as taking his slice of the extortion proceeds, also slaughters babies, whom he suspects will grow up to overthrow him.

So all in all – there is a shedload of shit flying about and the people are more than a bit pissed off. They are pinning their hopes on some Messiah guy whom (it is foretold) is going to turn up one day, kick the Romans out and restore their freedom – but so far he is a no-show and things are getting desperate.

Anyway, one day Caesar ’Gus has a brainwave decreeing that the whole world is going to be taxed, which is major bad news because nobody has any tax cash left. Even worse – Gus says that everybody has to go back to their place of birth in order to register on the premise that the accounts records can be brought up to date.

Therefore, not only has nobody got enough mazoola left to bet on the camel races, but they have had to max-out their credit cards on travel expenses. And guess who owns all the transport in the Roman Empire – yup – you got it! So to say that “chaos reigns” is something of an understatement.

Against this background of privation and discontent, enter a simpleton carpenter from Nazareth called Jo-Jo and his wife Sherry, who is seriously up the duff. He is wandering around trying to convince anyone who will listen that the little lady is a virgin. He doesn’t seem to have grasped the fact that just because HE hasn’t managed to do “it” yet, and just because Sherry has been unable to identify the prospective father, the two factors are not necessarily reconcilable. The Act of God which she claims to be responsible for her condition, might not necessarily tell the full story.

(Indeed - it is rumoured that many of the free spirited citizens of Nazareth may have dipped their pitcher in the well so to speak, but in order to avoid costly libel suits, that part of the story has been conveniently edited out.)

But back to our story.

After a long and arduous journey through the desert, our two intrepid heroes finally hit Bethlehem on the 24th December, and the place is like heaving. Jo-Jo has sore feet on account he has walked there from Nazareth –Sherry is riding on a tiny donkey which is straining under the weight and looking most unhappy. They wander around all the third-rate hotels and doss houses trying to find a bed for the night but without success.

Finally, about to give up and sell his wife to the slave-traders, Jo-Jo trudges up to one last run-down gaff on the edge of town and bangs wearily on the door. A moment later the door opens and a harassed-looking innkeeper appears in the aperture.

“Yes?” he says gruffly, eying the new arrival up and down with some disdain. “What the fuck do you want?”

“We were hoping you had a room?” stuttered Jo-Jo hopefully. “For me and the missus – the donkey can stay outside. She’s a virgin you know – my missus; not the donkey!” He recoils as the innkeeper collapses with laughter and rolls about uncontrollably for about ten minutes until he regains a semblance of self-control.

At length, the innkeeper regains enough composure to be able to speak.

“A ROOM?” he bellows. “You gotta be joking Sunbeam – it’s fucking Christmas! You wouldn’t even get a bed in the leper colony. I got visitors sleeping on the floor and on the roof – even in the toilets. I got enough trouble already without letting you in.

“There are Muslims and Jews who can’t agree on anything except they don’t want pork sausages for breakfast. They are collectively on course to drink the bar dry by ten o’clock and there have been three major fights already! You should have booked in advance pal. You can’t just turn up willy-nilly and expect accommodation on tap. We aren’t living in the Stone Age now you know?”

He pauses for breath and notices that Jo-Jo is weeping – the tears are rolling down his cheeks and plopping into the dust at his feet. For some reason he starts to feel sorry for Jo-Jo and offers him a grubby handkerchief.

“Look Son,” he says sympathetically. “I tell you what I will do. You can crash out in my stable. You can make a bed out of straw and drink as much water as you like. It will be three shekels a night and if you shag the goats it will be five extra. What do you say?”

“Oh God bless you Gov!” sobs Jo-Jo. “You are a veritable saint Sir!” He drops to the floor and begins kissing the embarrassed-looking innkeeper’s feet. “I won’t need the goats thank you – I have brought my own comfort.” He points to the sad looking donkey which rolls its eyes despairingly.

“Yes,yes – if you say so.” growled the innkeeper, trying to shake his leg free. “Now give me the cash and fuck off around the back. I am very busy and that donkey stinks!”

So Jo-Jo pays the man; they go into the stable and make themselves comfortable. More specifically it is Jo-Jo who does the hard work because Sherry is busy moaning and groaning about how useless he is as a husband – which, upon reflection, is pretty much par for the course in most marriages – correct?

Jo-Jo just gets on with it muttering under his breath and fantasising about taking a whippy cane to Sherry’s fat arse, if only he could summon up the courage.

Suddenly - A great big star appears overhead bathing the stable in light.

World History is about to take on a new direction.

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Work has been hell so far today ...God gimme strength NOT to rip someone's head off today grrrrr

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My usual morning spanking was going painfully well, though i was unaware my bottom was moving away from Master.
'Keep that bottom central and still." He ordered.
I moved back to the centre of the chair. Kneeling on the seat, gripping the back of the chair, dressing gown and nightie scrunched up in my hands to leave my bottom free for the dreaded Little Devil Paddle.
As he continued, again i was unaware i had moved.
"I said dont move" Master calmly but very firmly ordered once more.
But hed told me twice, thats a rule breaker. So placing his other hand on the small of my back he proceeded to wallop and wallop my ass with as much force as he could muster. The frustrating part is he often enjoys focusing on that one bruised cheek, making the pain so much harder to take. I bit into my dressing gown and screamed into it, as he continued. I know i got more than my usual 30 swats.
Once over it took me a few seconds to compose myself enough to stand up, as Master was waiting for his kiss and his thank you for my morning spanking.
Sitting on my cold wooden stool for contemplation time i knew my bottom was badly bruised and bleeding and saw the blood marks on the seat once i was allowed to stand up. Using a baby wipe i cleaned my bottom then my stool, feeling the traces of blisters and popped blisters leaving my bottom extremely tender to touch and even worse to sit down. But Master enjoyed my morning paddling, starting the day by thrashing my ass wakes him ready for the day ahead. Wish it had the same affect on me. Lol.

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Hey Spanko's....just popped in to say hello and I miss u guys!!! xoxo also made the honor society in grad school my gpa is now a 3.92 and I am currently in my last 3 classes...yaae! miss yal so much!!!!

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Our family Christmas party is only 3 days away ... so much to still do... knocked off a batch of orange balls today n a triple batch of "top of stove" cookies... yesterday n today have been very hectic at work... we have a huge catering order for 500 people due by 630am tomorrow so that means gettin up at 2am tomorrow n bein to work by 3:30... also after work today n yesterday I was runnin all around tryin to help my daughter with a broke down car ( all fixed now),,,,Poppy n I haven't had a lot of time together n probably won't until after this party is out of the way... anyways... just popped on for a few

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I arrived for my session and was quickly brought into the living room. My master sat in his chair as I stood in front of him. He undid my pants, pulled them down along with my underpants and pulled me over his lap. For the next 10 minutes or so, he hand spanked me, which was just a warmup for what was to follow. He then had me get up and remove all my clothes. Then back over his lap for another 10 minute spanking,only this time with a wooden hairbrush. Had me squirming and kicking as he turned my ass an brite red. Now it was off his lap and I was told to kneel on a chair, ass up, hands on the floor, while he left the room. After a few minutes, he returned, standing behind me. I felt something pressing against my hole. It was a freshly shaved ginger root that he was inserting into my ass. Within a minute or two, the burning started. He had me get up and walk around a bit, making sure it didn't fall out. I was to show him what I brought to the session. A bath brush, a leather strap,a piece of rope, and an inflatable butt plug. He had me tie my cock and balls with the rope, separating my balls and keeping my cock hard. Then back on my knees, ass up, as he put the bath brush to use. This stung much more than the hairbrush, as he paddled away,ignoring my pleas to stop. Finally he did stop but not for long. Was told I needed 50 more swats with the strap. Had no choice as he started in. At last, it's over. Asshole burning, cheeks on fire, cock and balls tied, cock still hard, I'm told to stand and turn around. On a wooden chair sits the butt plug. Am told to remove the ginger and sit on the lubed plug. It's small so it slides in easily. But then he starts pumping it up, as I feel it getting bigger inside, pressing against my prostate. He tells me to ride it and stroke my cock. The plug feels good as I bounce up and down, stroking away. Doesn't take long as I ask permission to cum. It's granted, as long as I agree to cum in my hand and eat it. At this point, I would agree to damn near anything! A great ending to a great session!!

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My mind goes there. You know yours does the same.
Unrelated , often, to what the physical body is doing, the mind....well, it wanders.
Sometimes I walk over to the bamboo backscratcher and tap my ass with it. No one is home so I lower my panties and tap harder. Tingles run down my legs. I put my head down, standing against my bedside. The room transforms into my fantasy.

Daddy is walking into the room now and yells, "I said those panties go down to your knees! Do it!"
I whimper and glance at him as if he is there. I push my panties lower. He charges across the room and grabs me by the arm. As he finds a place to rest his foot on the bed rail he is sternly reminding me that I was not to take the dirtbike out when he is not home.

Now my face is hot and my loins harden. An ache between my legs reminds me that I am an adult now, but I push reality away.

Daddy's leg is up now, firmly planted on the rail of the bed and he pulls me closer. His hand pounds my naked ass as he bends me slightly. My whole frame sways with his powerful smack. I gasp and clench my ass. He yells and yells repeating his warm up smacks on my unprepared ass.
"I need to teach you a lesson and YOU are gonna LEARN!" he now bends and lifts my hips to drape over his level, muscular femur. 'Oh my god I am really getting an ass whipping. Daddy is hot and angry.'

In my adult room, I place 2 pillows stacked at the foot of the bed. I place the bamboo implement where I can reach it then push my body up and over the pillows. My ass is high now just as daddy did when he beat my naughty ass. I reach for the bamboo and settle back into my fantasy.

"Daddy! NO! dont spank me daddy! I'm sorry!" the words aren't heard and the pleading nature does nothing to stop his big hand from shaking my body with every blow. "AH! AH! Ooh! Ooh! OOh!" I cry with my mouth in a frozen, open grimace just like I did back then.

I spread my knees apart and arch my back. I am able to strike my bare, upturned ass very hard as I carry on the fantasy in my head. I am aware of the intense pain and loud sounds I make with the effective wand of pain. I do not hold back. As daddy beats my ass the bamboo instrument stripes my ass so hard that my body and chest are tight. My ass is in need of more punishment. This isn't enough.

Daddy puts me on my feet suddenly and tells me to bend over. I cry and do a little jump in protest. He is staring at me now with tight lips of serious intent. His hands undo the buckle on his belt and he says, "Im gonna use my belt on your little ass until your ass is blistered!".

I rub my bottom and whimper in anticipation. I am dripping wet between my legs as my pussy longs to be touched.

Daddy pulls his belt from his pants and folds it quickly. He again grabs my arm and slices the belt across my firm ass and the top part of one thigh. I scream, "Awwww! Ahh ha daddy!".

"I thought I told you to bend your little ass over!" he pulls me across the end of the bed with my legs and feet up now.

I lay myself in the position for my ass to feel the best swing and flicks I can deliver. I have the lickin stick out from under the mattress now. It is an old school ruler 12 inches long and extra thick. I have attached 2 modern rubber rulers to the end overlapped 4" and duct taped both to themselves and the wooden ruler. The effect is very close to daddy's belt, especially for a self spanking.

Daddy puts his hand on my ass and tells me "lay on your arms and I better not see them goddammit. I shouldn't even have to tell you!"
"Yess daddy! PLease, dont spank me too hard. PLease don't spank me with your belt. Daddy please don't spank my with your belt."

I lay on my arms as daddy orders preparing for the ass lashing I am about to get. I ease one hand between the lips of my drenched, naughty pussy and the other hand strategically grasps the lickin stick ready to spank my own ass in synchronized strokes with daddy's.

Daddy's belt stripes across my bare ass at the same time the lickin stick cracks the silence in my adult room. My fingers tickle my pussy and the lashes keep pounding down. My ass quivers and I start to thrust until.....

... daddy whips his strap across my thighs yelling, "don't you move that little ass girl! You move again and I will beat your ass ten times harder! DO. Not. Flinch!"
"OOOOWWWW yes sir yes sir. No more daddy, I won't move...oooooh hoo hoohoo!"
"You're gonna learn today little girl. This shit is gonna stop! You don't touch those dirt bikes without me and you get your ass spanked good and hard if you do! Spankin your hard little ass is like beatin a CAR TIRE! But I'm gonna do it until I get through to you. Do you understand ME GIRL??"

"Yess ssirr. Ahhhh haha ha. Ahhh! Ahhh. Mmmmm hmmm. Ohhh. Ah! AH! AH!"

My ass begins to harden as I accidentally thrust where my fingers continue to tickle my swollen and now pulsing clit. I am disobeying, I am flinching and daddy is noticing.

"Why is that ass moving?? He stops whipping my bare ass. The lickin stick goes still.
"I said! why is that ass MOVING?"

"Sorry daddyyyy!"

"DO you have your hand ...." he rolls me over to see my hand between my legs. I stare at him in embarrassment and horror. Now daddy slaps my bare ass with his hand. He rolls me onto my belly, picks up his leather strap and whips me as hard and as fast as he can.

My arm is tired from the intense strapping I am inflicting on my bare ass, I continue fondling my pussy and daddy continues bringing the strap down as hard as possible on my upturned naughty ass.

As I start to orgasm I am unable to continue my coordination and the blows... to my naughty little ass... slow. I am sweaty, hot, thirsty, and beginning to pass out. My fingers have succumbed to the wetness and are wrinkled. My ass clenches rhythmically as daddy says,
"you stay right there until I come back. Don't you move that ass girl. DO YOU HEAR ME!?" he shouts.

"Yes. Yes daddy. Yes sirrr." I pant and lay still. exhausted and well spanked, I feel my welted ass. THe lickin stick has traces of smeared blood and my ass is on fire. I will obey. I will obey. Ooooh daddy spanks hard. I m gonna be a good girl now.

And after I shower I think how badly I wish my man would take the role of being my handler, my disciplinarian, the one I must obey. For now I have fantasy and the lickin stick to keep my needs met. I get dressed and look in the long mirror at my ass. It is swollen, red, blistered and bruised in places. Oh it felt good.

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The paddle smacked Cole across the seat of his jeans, the force of the blow driving him to his toes. He dug his fingers into the back of the sofa as sharp pain shot from under the wood, followed by a rush of heat in his ass. His body absorbed the shock wave, swaying forward with a shudder. He’d never thought a punishment more suited for a naughty child than a grown man could hurt so much.
Behind him Danielle waited until he settled on his heels before she swatted him again. He lunged forward onto his toes, eyes scrunched closed, hands clutching at the upholstery. Twice as much pain swept over him. The heat that followed in its wake made him grind his teeth. He grunted, then pushed back to the vulnerable position - feet apart, heels on the floor, bent over, with his arms straight and his back arched.
“That’s right, Cole, keep that bottom up for me.” She tapped the board across his buttocks as he held the obedient pose.
Whap! Whap!
His grunts turned to gasps and his body trembled. The firm, hard strokes left fire in their wake. His knees weakened and he sagged.
“Bottom up.” She hooked one finger through his back belt loop and pulled up.
He struggled to obey her command, straightening his legs and lifting his cheeks. Every adjustment put his butt up and out for her. Perfect target.
She walloped him harder.
He sucked air between his teeth fighting for control.
They settled into a brutal rhythm - the whap of the board across his seat, the involuntary reaction to the pain, then the conscious and difficult decision to stick his ass out for more.
Soon he began to pant. Everything else in the world disappeared. He was only aware of his throbbing backside.
“Ohhh!” After eight strokes, the first break in his resolve to take whatever she wanted to give him.
“That’s right,” she cooed in his ear. “Let it all go.”
With her permission he found his voice. “Oh, ohh! Oh, it hurts!” he gasped. That was never a surprise, but each time he hoped that admitting it would also mitigate it.
“I know.” She patted his face. “It’s supposed to hurt.” She swung again before he had time to catch his breath.

See more about this story and others on my website:

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(part two)

I entered the study and found the disciplinarian to be older and more mature than expected, and slim of build. I stood silently while he had his back to me and took in the feel of the study. Wood walls that shined with a fresh polishing with the smell of overstuffed leather furniture and dusty books. A large ornate desk sat facing me. It would have been overwhelming in a smaller room but the space of the study accommodated it's size rather nicely. An assortment of spanking implements were neatly arranged on the top of the desk. Several paddles, a few canes, and a leather tawse to be exact. It seemed a most appropriate setting for discipline and I felt the front of my briefs grow tight with anticipation.

"In your underpants please" he stated with an air of command as he turned to face me.
"Pardon Sir?" was all I could manage, and was certain I heard giggling from just beyond the study door.
"I said, remove your trousers, shirt and shoes and fold them neatly. Place them on the chair with the shoes on top, and be quick about it"

I did as I was told and was already feeling the mild humiliation of underpants embarrassment. I have found that the undressing for discipline to be a thrill of it's own merit and a moment to be savored.

"Do you know why you are here?"
"Because my Aunt sent me sir."
"Wrong! Bend over, elbows on the desk please."

As I bent across the desk top I felt my underpants shorten and tighten across the seat. I watched as he selected a wood paddle from the desk and then moved to the side of me. I steadied myself and in a flash the paddle was landing across the seat of my tight briefs with a resounding "Whack!"

"Young man, let's try again. Do you know why you are here?"
"To get a spanking sir" I replied

The paddle landed across the seat of my briefs once again. I could swear I heard more giggling out in the hall. Someone was most definitely enjoying themselves, at my expense, and I had my thoughts on just who that might have been, With a tap, tap, tap of the paddle on my underpants, he asked a third time.

"Do you know why you are here?"
"Because of my behavior sir?."

"Excellent! I have found a well placed paddle does wonders for the learning process. You are doing moderately well so far but would advise that you try to learn quickly and always think before you speak. You are to remain standing and facing my desk while I interview you. I will be taking notes and forwarding a full report, including your remarks, to your Aunt as to the results of our meeting. I will ask you a few questions now and the appropriate response will either be yes sir, or no sir. Understood?

"yes sir"
"Your Aunt provides you with room and board and a fair allowance of spending money does she not?
"yes sir"
"Are you always mindful of her instructions and treat her with the proper respect that she deserves?"
"no sir"
"Do you take care to spend your allowance wisely and not in a frivolous manner?
"no sir"
"I believe we have enough for now. We'll talk again shortly but lets address these misbehaviors first with a spanking, shall we?"
"yes sir"

In short order he had a chair in the center of the room and I was hauled across his lap like a naughty ten year old with the seat of my briefs most appropriately positioned for spanking. I was secretly thrilled that we were finally getting to it and hoped that my excitement wasn't too evident. He paused to roll up his sleeves and then to place his hand on the seat of my briefs momentarily. With his hand resting in place, I felt my bottom rise to receive my spanking. He spanked slowly at first and then built to a steady rhythm with my bottom rising and falling in accordance with the beat. He was just getting up to spanking speed, with my alternating ohhs! and owwws! when we heard the doorbell ring. There was a shuffling of feet just outside the door to the study and we paused to listen as the door was answered.

(to be continued)

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Cant believe now after getting 4 rings and clit hood on my pussy, then getting bigger rings put in, which hurt even more, Master now decides he wants my nipples doing today so they are healed by Xmas. This was something i wasnt sure i wanted, as ive had them done before and had nothing but trouble with them, infections, they hurt to touch, you coukdnt play with them, so it was something i was thinking about doing maybe next year. Now ive been told by Master to get them done today, he would like rings but think bars heal quicker so i will ask my piercer. He will probably hide after my screams only a few weeks ago getting bigger rings put in.

Im not gonna lie, this scares me more than getting the labia rings.
And im not even allowed a nice pretty colour, he wants nothing girly.
Probably stay silver to match the others, and he wants me to buy rings for when theyve healed.
I must be fucking mad. I must be.
Why, why, why am i doing this ?
Yes im following orders but seriously sometimes i just wanna say no fucking way.
Now im in trouble for swearing at him when he told me no girly colours.

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The golf cart pulled into the garage, Uncle James at the wheel. Janie and Dylan sat on their sore bottoms, clutching hands in the back seat. The switching they'd received marked them with cruel welts across their rearends and thighs, but the worst of it, still awaited them. Being gone without permission, then found with beer, and boys, Janie was once again in big trouble. Uncle James had never punished her before. She thought he was, somehow, less harsh than her Daddy. She couldn't have been more wrong.
Only days ago, at dinner, she uttered a really bad word, that her Uncle had overheard. She had been spanked right in the diningroom, by her Father, with Uncle James silent approval. Her Dad and him went to the study afterwards & she was sent to her room, but not until she was stood in the corner with her red bottom throughout coffee and dessert.
Janie was sure her Daddy had confided her recent transgressions & as a result, her Uncle had no patience with her bad behavior. She didn't mean to, though. She just went to hang out with Dylan and...
It all went wrong.
"You two, go to your rooms and get ready for bed. Report to my office in ten minutes.", said James. Dylan and Janie scurried into the house and up to their rooms. They didn't talk, but exchanged a hug & worried looks at the top of the stairs.
James stopped in to tell his wife, Sandra, they were home and to brief her on what he'd discovered in the woods. She tried to plead leniency for the kids, which annoyed him.
"Don't you dare interfere, Sandra, or I'll warm your bottom too. You were supposed to be watching them, while I was working, so you're on thin ice, as well. I told you that you were giving Dylan too much freedom. He was drinking, for God's sake and now I've caught Janie with a beer! Can you just imagine what David will say, when I tell him his daughter was drinking and a boy had his arm around her, in the woods??!!"
Sandra hung her head, and said softly, "I'm sorry, James. I should have kept a better eye on them." James nodded and stalled out of their room.
He had to have these sketches done by Monday to discuss them with David. He'd be working all day tomorrow, thanks to this nonsense. Dylan was a good kid, but he'd screwed up today! And Janie, it had been one thing after the other. She required a very firm hand and none of that coddling! She was in for a rude awakening! She would not be sitting down any time soon. He opened the office door and sat at the big desk. He
opened his drawer and extracted the heavy oak paddle. It had been well used and drilled with a series of holes. It was a serious piece of work and it would drive the point home. He then took out a sturdy, brown leather strap, about two inches wide and 20 inches long. It too, was broken in.
Janie and Dylan met again on the staircase and walked to the office together. Janie was shaking, and Dylan, resigned. He knew what was in store, and there would be no reprieve. Dylan knocked on the door. His Dad's gruff voice said ,"Come".
Janie thought if her Daddy was a Dragon, then James was a Lion. They entered his lair. Janie followed Dylan's lead and stood beside him in front of the desk.
Her Uncle's face had a cold hardness to it, she'd never seen.
"You both know why you're here." He picked up his paddle and walked around the desk. Janie had a red and white nightgown on and white fuzzy peds on her feet. Dylan was wearing plaid lounging slacks and a t-shirt.
James pulled a wooden stool out. "I dont think you will be able to stay in position, Janie, through this paddling. Come here.
He put one foot up on the stool. His left was long. His knee was note several feet off the ground. He lift her up and over his knee. He told her to hang on to his leg. Her legs dangled in the air. She hung over his leg, like laundry on a line... Bent in half.
He raised her nightgown up and pulled her panties down. Her bottom was still marked by thin welts, evidence if the switch. She'd never been in this position. She shuttered from fear and anxiety. He picked up the strap. He put an arm easily around her waist, effectively holding her in place and keeping her hands from shielding the blow.
He laid the strap on her back and explored her bottom with his hand. There was faint bruising left, from a spanking now healed. He pulled a small bottle from his pocket, and squirted a bit of oil into her bottom, massaging it in. He rubbed and kneaded her buttocks and legs. "Cross your ankles, Janie. Your going to get a sound strapping. I'll warm your bottom with my hand first, then I'll strap you. I'll finish up with a proper paddling. Do not kick or bend your legs up or I'll strap your thighs to your knees. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Sir." Janie's voice trembled.
At once, his enormous hand left her fanny and slapped down hard on her fanny, hitting low where her cheeks turned to her private place. It was hard and unyielding, as it struck. Her soft bottom gave way to the force, flattening with the weight, hurting quickly, stinging and burning as it hit the path, where the switch had gone earlier. The spanking was fast and merciless. It missed no where. Her bottom was burning and red. She was crying for him to stop and it had barely begun.She struggled in his grip. Her legs flailing and kicking, without intention, just pure reaction to the impact.
"What did I tell you, you naughty girl!!!
If you kicked your legs? He took the strap and delivered a dozen hits on her tender thighs. He started at the top of leg, and struck and inch or two, down. About ten times and Janie screamed and begged for her Daddy, but her Uncle paid no attention. He strapped her other leg. She managed to keep her ankles crossed. He whipped her bottom next, delivering one forceful strike after another.... Searing heat and pain in the wake. It was far worse than her Daddy's belt. She thought that was hard, but there was no comparison. James was giving her a whipping she'd never forget. .
It was a long session, her bottom boiling hot, when he finally put the strap down.
He looked at his handiwork and seemed pleased. He rubbed her bottom all over, then lifted her from his knee and sat her, red bottom, bare and glowing on his desk.
"Oh, oh, ohhh", Janie cried. It hurt so bad.
She tried to slide to her feet.
"No, you sit there and watch, on that hit bottom!", James snapped.
Dylan had watched in horror. His Dad was so hard on Janie. He felt awful... Sick to his stomach. His eyes were wet.
"You should cry for her, Dylan! That's the weight of responsibility... When you don't do the right thing and others suffer. You feel their pain! It's a lesson you needed to learn. "
You come here, Dylan. Put your hands on the stool.....

Red Stripe Films
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I'm slowly learning about spanking fetishes! Now I know so far Enema is a form of humiliation but what's the rest ? Someone care too share an experience I'd like to try one day

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Currently shooting with Dixie!!! Stay posted.

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It was an odd, but predictable, turn of events that had lead me to the door of the disciplinarian. I had been staying with an aunt (who was fairly handy with a cane herself) and came to her disfavor by overspending my allowance, staying out late with my friends, and lacking in manners and respect. Oh yes, I do admit to the lump total of it all, which is why my situation was so predictable from the start.

I can remember when she first suggested that I might benefit from seeing "the disciplinarian." I must confess that I felt a certain tingling on the seat of my briefs that was not all unpleasant. "Do go on" I can remember saying to her when she told me of her acquaintance that provided discipline, for a fee, to a select clientele. A retired headmaster she claimed he was. well versed in the art of disciplining. I do believe my heart skipped a beat when she asked for my consent and compliance to set an appointment for me. I wholeheartedly and most readily agreed on the spot. She, in turn, agreed to pay the fee.

My appointment was set and I secretly began to count the days. I was years beyond my last spanking from Aunt Sophie, but those days were still recent enough for me to remember them fondly. Having harbored a secret desire for disciplining for most of my life, I often replayed those wonderfully embarrassing memories in my mind. Lying across my Aunt's lap with trousers lowered while her afternoon tea friends observed a proper comeuppance, at my expense. Aunt Sophie would sit in a dining room chair, hike her dress and crinolines to her waist, and allow me quite a thrilling view of stocking tops and garter straps. Standing there in only my underpants, my excitement would cause a few snickers from the ladies in attendance. Her friends, all of proper social standing of course, seemed to delight in observing my bare bottom being chastised with hand, paddle and hair brush. In later years, I often suspected that their interest in witnessing my spankings may have left them a bit moist under their silks.

I had taken the bus as far as the stops would allow and then had to walk the mile or so to the estate which allowed me ample time to consider what I was about to receive. My hands seemed to gravitate to the seat of my trousers as I unconsciously rubbed my bottom. Be assured, there was no lagging to my step, or hesitation in my purpose, I fairly floated along with a nervous smile, feeling all flush and warm inside. I was very much looking forward to the disciplining and I think my Aunt suspected as much when I seemed a bit too chipper on the departure. "I doubt you will be whistling that tune on your return" she said, and off I went to my appointment. Secretly, I hoped she was right and that I would soon receive every ounce of comeuppance that I so richly deserved.

As was noted, my hands gravitated to the seat of my trousers. I had gone through my closet and selected a pair of smooth seated school uniform pants that had been hanging unworn for several years. I tried them on to find they still fit, just a bit snug in the seat now, which was all the better for the purpose for which I would be wearing them. I had gone out to purchase a brand spanking new package of briefs making sure they were equally snug in fit. With the trousers on, I bent over a chair in my room, and checked my reflection in the mirror. I was quite satisfied with the trousers as the fit allowed for quite a nice view of the outline of my briefs beneath. Every line and stitch of my underpants showed nicely, the seat of the trousers still having a bit of a shine left in them as well.

I checked my watch and hastened my step, I certainly did not want to be late for my first appointment with "the disciplinarian." I arrived with moments to spare and knocked on the door of the address my Aunty had given me. I was still fidgeting and tugging my shirt collar when the door was opened by an attractive young woman of my approximate age. "You must be here for the caning" were the first words she spoke to me, in more of a statement than a question "and right on time I suspect. You don't want to keep him waiting, not if you can help it." And with that, she ushered me inside. I followed her down a hallway and took the opportunity to consider the shape of her bottom and wonder if she herself did not benefit from a caning now and then.

She left me seated just outside the door to a study, my face still red with embarrassment to her knowledge of why I was there. She returned in a moment carrying a cane, a whippy little number sure to leave a good stripe. She knocked and then entered the study. I heard muted voices and then a moment of silence, followed by the unmistakable sound of a cane impacting a bottom (hers I imagined). There were three of the whistling impacts, each followed by a delighted "Oh!" Again the muted voices and the door opened. She beckoned me inside once again allowing my eyes to follow her bouncing bottom. This time she was smoothing her skirt down in back and rubbing her bottom. As she passed by to leave she leaned in close and whispered "See me before you leave" and then giggled. I was treated to the sound of nylon gliding on nylon as she rubbed her bottom for my benefit, and then closed the door behind her.

(to be continued)

Red Stripe Films
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my spanking day turned into a no spanking day as my disciplinarian had to cancel unexpectedly (bummer). I had some super cute punishment panties picked out and wanted to show them to you anyway

the view my disciplinarian would have had of my snug little lace trimmed spanky pants

had my paddles at the ready for some red hot panty paddling fun

I hope I get a rain check soon for a good old fashioned seat of my underpants warm up

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My schedule for the 1st quarter of 2017 :

Los Angeles Jan 9-15

Las Vegas Feb 2-6

New Orleans March 8-10

New York City April 3-7

Washington DC April 8-9

For booking info please visit www.JuliesBitchBoys.com

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