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But I won’t. I’m a guy, right. So I’m not supposed to cry even though my whole body aches.

My dad got furious with me yesterday. Mom too, but at least she was on skype only so she didn’t get to lay her hands on me as well. What I got from dad was hard enough. And mom told me to write a blog about it and tell you all what happened. So here we go.

The other day, I was supposed to clean my dads car in the driveway. I have to do it once a week and I don’t mind, because the weather’s nice right now and I love polishing and all. While doing that, I had the car radio turned on. Okay, maybe a little louder than needed, but I didn’t notice. Until our neighbor came and complained. I can’t stand that man, he’s always complaining about shit. He even called the cops once just because a cat was crossing his lawn! Anyways. He started yelling at me, as usual. Wanted me to turn the volume down. I got pissed off and turned it up instead.

He waved at me with his stupid walking stick, scolding me and calling me names, like: “Unverschämter Bengel! Du mieser, kleiner Punk! Rotzlöffel!” (Don’t know how to translate that, sorry) The wilder he got, the more pissed off was I. Eventually, I took the water hose and gave him a good ice-cold shower. – And that’s when the real trouble started.
Of course, he screamed even more, my dad appeared on the balcony. Don’t think I need to tell what happened next.

Now I’m sitting on a very sore bum, writing this down and feel like shit. (sorry for the word, mom and dad, but that’s just how it is). And I know it’s not over yet. Mom already promised a sequel when she comes visit next weekend. For now, she demanded me apologizing to the neighbor. Dad made me write a letter and I had to walk over and hand it to him. Very humiliating. He had an evil grin on his face. Don’t know if he has a clue that dad’s spanking me but he knows that I got in major trouble with him. Obviously, he liked that thought. Dad was standing right behind my while I was apologizing and giving him that letter and I felt awful. That was the worst! And in order to make it up to him, I have to mow his lawn next week. Awesome!

But what I hate the most, is that nobody was upset with him for yelling at me the way he did, or calling me names and all. So that’s in order? Don’t know. Maybe I’m just feeling sorry for myself. It’s not like I don’t understand why I got punished. I sure do. But I think it’s not fair that he’s getting away with insulting me. Just my feelings about it.
Thank you, dad, for teaching me this lesson. And thank you, mom, for stopping him from destroying my butt.

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G had given me some money to get the final piercings done. I wanted 2 more pairs on my outta labia, and had previously ordered the rings without the balls and I wanted them the same size in girth and diameter. I had been waiting ages until finally I had permission to go.
I went shopping with my best mate and her mum in the day, with the intention of going to my piercer on the way home.

I felt the familiar nervous excitement I found I get when getting a piercing or when I got my tattoo.

I parked across the road from the shop and was pleased to see A in and alone, he knew why I was in. Finding my ordered rings he got himself organised, while I got another familiar feeling, Why the fuck am I doing this and doing it again !
A was ready so I ungracefully climbed on the high folded out chair, and slid my skirt up. A is used to me not wearing knickers so he wasn't waiting for me to take them off. I had long stopped feeling embarrassed by showing my naked pussy to him or anyone else. Let's face it, the amount of Dr's, surgeons and nurses that had been messing with my body, I really don't care anymore. And now I've finally started to love my body, even liking my tummy a little bit, I love taking selfies or have G take photos of me.

A draws dots on each side of my labia, ensuring they were in the best position above and below the original one.
"Right are we ready ?" He asked. "As I'll ever be yes." I told him.
I then spotted a little spider on the ceiling. "Did you know there's a spider on your ceiling, if that falls down on me I will go hysterical." A was not bothered by it, but it gave me something to focus on.
"OK, deep breath in, when you're ready then slowly breath out."
I breathed in, then came the stab of the needle, the instant pain and hot searing pain it took my breath away. Weirdly it passed very quickly, as A gave me a moment to calm down.
We chatted about life in general, nothing about DD life, he is a Dom with a few Sub friends around the country. And normally we have a good chat about our fetishes. It's nice to talk to a him openly. He is into impact play like me, but enjoys needle play, scarification, and other hard core play, I would call it. But it's just more extreme to our severe spanking. Being stabbed with this needle proves to me, I would not fancy this as play. I can't even watch a video of it.
"OK ready for me to carry on?" He asked, "I guess so." I replied.
But if the needle was bad, this bit was shockingly, unbelievably terribly bad.
A was having terrible trouble getting the ring through, he kept taking it out, putting the needle through to ensure there was a hole there, but still the ring would not pass. The ring is attached to a different needle to pull the ring through and it's the section where they join, between needle and ring, that join is the bit that is SSSOOOOOO painful. As he's really being very forceful, I'm ouching loudly and cursing disgracefully. Biting my hand, hitting the chair with fists, finally he was through. He fitting the catch and it was done.
1 out of 4.
It took a good few minutes before I was able to say anything, other than OWWWWWWW.
A said, "That was pretty bad, I just couldn't get the ring through and stopping and starting like we just did, I think is only making it worse. I'm making an executive decision, and you're gonna hate me for it, but I think I'm just gonna have to be ruthless and let you scream while I brutally push the ring through." Yes I hated him in that second, this was gonna be horrendous. We chatted again, though the pain and throbbing from my 1 ring was awful.
Eventually he said " Ready ?" and got organised for the second one. I took my glasses off and put them on the table. I had a feeling they were going to be in the way.

I breathed in, then out, the stab I could cope with, then choosing not to break, he started to push the ring through. I cried out, swore a lot, one leg hitting the chair and I fisted the seat, more crying out loudly until finally that ring passed through better. But Christ it was still painful, my leg hitting the chair, I could feel it shaking a bit. My hands went from tight fists to stretched out wide in a crazy look. FUCK FUCK FUCK THIS WAS CRAZILY PAINFUL.
2 out of 4.

We chatted for a bit, well no, A did most of the talking. I was concentrating on not crying, then he started on the third.
Again the first stab took my breath away but after that, that bit was OK. Until he started to push the ring through, I cried out, swearing, again biting my fingers until I couldn't deal with it, I started crying and screamed STOP at him.
"You've made me cry for the first time. " I stuttered, he handed me some tissues but I knew he wasn't over with this ring.
"Sorry, you hate me don't you." He told me. "Yes I hate you, no, no I don't, I wouldn't keep coming back if I hated you. I may just hate you for a minute." I said.
"Right, you're gonna hate me more, but I've gotta do this. " He said, I gripped the chair, ready for the pain, I screamed as he finally pushed the ring through. Tears pouring down my face, my entire pussy was on fire, my legs shaking, my eyes felt like they were bulging out of my face. I felt more sorry for A really, listening to me scream.
It took a while before I was capable of talking, but what kept going through my head was I still had 1 more to go.
"Oh this one is a bleeder," A said. "A big bleeder," as he put more towels under me.
3 out of 4.

The time came when he had to start the fourth and final piercing.
"I'm just going to do this one, regardless of how bad it is, we just need them doing. Scream as loud as you want, swear, and shout, I don't care, I don't want this to last." A told me, I just nodded.
But even the stab of the needle was awful, then he just started pushing the ring through. And I screamed, boy, did I scream. And scream. And scream. Then I felt my body try to fight away from me. How he was keeping hold of my labia and push the ring through when I felt myself push away, I don't know. But my screams became screeches, louder and louder, and punching the seat, my free leg was kicking the air, and tears were flowing.
Finally it was over, I felt like I had been hit by a bus, as A tucked more towels under my bum.
I took ages until I was able to move, but I was still bleeding.
"I'd give you a pad to wear, but you don't wear knickers." A said.
"I know, don't worry, I'm going straight home. " I told him. "Just wash your legs with wipes when you get home but don't wash anywhere else. Tonight have a shower then give it a gentle wash only." A told me.
Whilst he was tidying up, I looked in the mirror to see a big patch of blood at the back of my skirt.
"Oh God, I look like I've got caught short and got my period without realising." I said. Thank God, I'm going straight home, I thought to myself as I felt blood drip down my legs. I rubbed my legs together to stop the blood going right down my legs. But walking was very awkward, a John Wayne moment.
Paying A, apologising for swearing and screaming like a loon, he laughed but said I deserved to scream with having that done. It was pretty brutal and he didn't think 'd do all 4.
I said, if I didn't, I wouldn't go back for that. But I'm glad I had it done and will look really good once all the bruising and swelling has gone. I know stretching will have to be left for a while, but I can start again in a few months.
For now I just have to look after these rings.

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Whist we have been searching through the swingers website, we've seen hundreds of photos for women and men is so many positions, with so many different people, 1 girl had 5 cocks in her face, it was all very eye opening.
There was one photo that looked scary. Scary as hell.
A woman with a big hook up her bottom, she was on all fours, facing the bed rail. The rope from the hook was tied to the bed rail, so she could not drop her bottom.
The thought of this hook is very scary to me, yes I know it would feel like you were wearing a butt plug, but still this idea scared me.
Stupidly, I told G.
What arrived the other day, through the post.......yes a hook.
What arrived yesterday, some nice purple silk rope.
I glared at him opened the cupboard door and pointed to the bin. "You may as well put them straight in the bin." I stated.
Of course, I knew I had no say, if he wanted me wearing the hook, I would be.
"I want you with the hook up your bum, facing and tied to the door. It will make great photos." He said.
I glared some more.
"I chose your favourite colour for the rope." G said, as if that makes all the difference.

Now 1 thing I had to quietly laugh about was, G is rubbish at tying knots, one reason we don't do rope play, He may have to watch You Tube to tie a knot on the hook first, the other end doesn't have to be perfect, but I think he will leave the rope knotted to the hook permanently and maybe make a hook knot at the other end to just put over something.
I can't say I'm thrilled about our knew toys, G is certainly going more towards the BDSM side of fet play.
What will he pick next ?

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You know sometimes you get real inappropriate thoughts at the wrong time, well I had one of those the other week.
I wasn't going to blog it as it was about someone else, but I've now told her so feel it's OK to tell you.

The other week my best friend's step dad passed away after fighting cancer for a year. I've been best friends with L for over 40 years, so when she asked me to come to the Wake, of course I said yes. I'm very close with her mum, so wanted to show my support for both of them.

L has a twin brother, N, I've not seen for 25 years at least. They are not identical twins but he had changed an awful lot from when I remembered him. They are both over 6 ft so tower over me, being only 4 ft 8.
He's married to E, I've never met E, but I felt like I had known her all my life, she's such a lovely girl, we clicked straight away, and have agreed that we must meet often.
I was sat opposite L, chatting with her and the family friends, then E came to join us, finally N came to join us and sat opposite me.
We chatted about general stuff as I really had to get to know him again.
But I couldn't help notice how big he was, I don't mean overweight, I mean VV broad shoulders, big arms and thighs, muscular and very strong.
Then I saw his hands, his fingers were thick and his hands were huge.

My dirty mind started imagining those fingers doing things that could easily make me cum and squirt, how would those very thick fingers fit tightly into all my tight little holes. I doubt he could get many fingers inside, certainly not a fist.

Stop it, I said to myself. That's disgraceful thinking that. He's my best friends married twin brother, AND AND we were at a Wake. You should not think like this now and never, I shouted at myself.

Quickly I got involved in chatting again but my mind was still thinking, my eyes were still wandering.
His hands were huge, big palms looking heavy, hard and powerful.
How good would those hands be for spanking, I thought. STOP IT WOMAN, I told myself again.
Quickly I imagined myself bent over this man's knee, my bottom bare, trapped by his leg over mine, his arm holding my waist tightly, whilst he pounded my ass with his big hand.
STOP IT WOMAN, this is so wrong.
Then I felt myself getting wet as I shuffled in my seat.

For Christ's Sake woman, quit this NOW. I forced myself to get out of my little dream, feeling a bit disgusted in myself. I couldn't tell L about this, it's just wrong. So I stopped my naughty little day dream.
A few days later, I was with L and decided to tell her. I started by asking who in her family was that broad, as L, and her parents aren't that big. Tall but not so broad. She said she thought it was from her mum's brother who I've not met. I then told her about my day dream. She was shocked but thought it was funny too.
So I felt I could share my naughty dream with you guys to enjoy too.

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Janie was so relieved that Evan had come back, but he was still very angry. The stress and the punishments, had also, taken their toll on her.
When Evan gave her permission to get up, off of her knees, in the corner, she was grateful. She didn't even care, when he tossed her a pillow and a blanket and told her she could sleep in the corner. At that point, she wasn't concerned about where she slept. She was still in alot of pain. Dylan had whipped her, severely with the belt. She knew her behavior was terrible. She did feel bad about cutting Evan's eye. She, however, also felt like he was being overdramatic about it. She was bruised and covered with welts, from his crop and Dylan's belt and he expected HER to feel sorry for HIM. She was regretful of her behavior, but not terribly sympathetic, to his little scratch.

She wasn't sure, that they could mend their relationship. She resented him, ever since she found out about his “night out”, and part of her, still wondered if she could trust him. All the acting out she'd done, stemmed from that. She had fallen in love with him, almost at first sight. She was clinging to that memory of love, but she feared it might be gone, already. She wanted to go back to how she felt, before he'd hurt her. She just couldn't seem to get there. Janie was too tired to think about it, anymore. She closed her eyes and she was gone, into a dark, restless sleep.

Evan watched television, trying to calm himself, so that he could sleep. He thought, Janie would see how serious he was, when he tossed the pillow and blanket to her. He'd planned to bring her to bed, after a little while, but much to his amazement, she fallen to sleep, not ten minutes later. She did have a rough day, but he was shocked that she didn't wait up, so she could apologize and at least try and make amends.

He wasn't sure she was even sorry, for what she'd done. She really had a nasty temper, for such a beautiful girl. He did love her, but she left much to be desired, as a prospective bride.
How could this mess be resolved? He couldn't see a solution. He finally gave up and shut the problems, from his thoughts. He'd have to see what tomorrow would bring. He considered carrying her to bed, so they could start the day on a better note, but he didn't feel like it. Let her sleep in the corner, he thought. Maybe she would start her day, reflecting on her outrageous actions.

Janie awoke, chilly and in pain. She shivered, alone in the corner. The events of the past days, played through her head. Somehow, her brain had processed a lot of what had transpired and why. She needed to have a very frank discussion with Evan, outside of this “training exercise”. This morning, she had clarity. Janie felt like, perhaps, there was nothing left worth saving. They had pushed each other to their breaking point, and what had once held them together, had shattered in the process. She couldn't find her way back to him, this way. All of this indoctrination, was driving then further and further apart. She didn't really feel his love for her, anymore. When her Daddy punished her, she still felt his love. She felt Evan had abandoned her. Yes, she had hoped he'd return and she did want Dylan to step in, but she'd been so upset over it all, last night. Afraid that it was all her fault, scared of disappointing her Daddy. Now she saw things differently.

She wasn't upset with Dylan. He had done what he did, to try and help her He had brought Evan back. But, now Janie thought, why had he left in the first place? A man didn't run when things got tough! Didn't he love her? She'd lost respect for him. Did she love him and could she marry him? Was it all just a fairy tale?! She cried.. because it was all in bits, her dreams of a wedding, a family, a future.

She looked like a broken doll, discarded in the corner. Her pretty hair, in tangles, her face stained with tears! The fluffy tail was crushed and dirty, and her body, cold and battered.
She cried into the pillow, great heaving sobs of sorrow. Finally, she was letting it go, her failure, disappointment, the rage. She had thought she'd screamed it out before, but here it was again, pouring out of her, once again.

Evan heard her stirring. He had gone to sleep, full of bitterness and anger. He'd been drinking yesterday. The fog began to clear, as he heard her heartbreak, from the corner. Oh God, He'd left her there, alone. He was ashamed. How could they come back from this? He had stumbled through the process, right from the start. He was too concerned impressing everyone, to put her first.

Well, he had to start somewhere. He sat up in bed, rubbed his eyes and saw his princess, in ruins. The cold light of day was a glaring spotlight, on all the ways, he had screwed it up.
If David could see his daughter now, he'd wring his neck. He'd given him the most beautiful, perfect, happy, delightful​ girl he'd ever set eyes on and in a relatively short time, alone with him, she lay in shambles, on the floor! He'd wanted to blame David’s interference on Janie's behavior, but the truth was, he'd failed, all on his own. He'd put on this show of strength for everybody else. Strength?! Brutally was more like! He had completely failed her.

Evan went to her, and whispered, “Husssssh, baby, I'm so sorry.” He lifted her up and carried her to the bed. He sat down and cradled her in his arms. “I've made such a mess of everything, Janie. I wanted, so badly, to live up to everyone's expectations, that I let down the only person that really mattered to me…. You.”

Janie lifted her eyes, and saw tears in his eyes. For the first time in weeks, she saw his love. This was the handsome tutor, she'd fallen for, so hard. He'd come back to her, just when she had lost all hope. Was she dreaming? He put her in the soft bed, and brought a cool cloth to wash her face and a drink to wet her lips. She closed her eyes and rested, though she was not quite asleep.

Evan saw her grow quiet, and assumed she was asleep. He had to fix this. He gathered his courage to stand up to her father. He might be about to bring his world crashing down, but this couldn't go on. He picked up the phone.

“David, it's Evan. I have to talk to you about Janie. This thing we're doing, it's not working. We're going to lose her. It's all been too much for her. She's not herself. I want to just spend some time with her, reminding her, why we fell in love. All of that, has been lost in the process. I love her, David, and this is hurting her, not helping her. You'll have to trust me. She can't comply, if her heart isn't in it.”

“I see, I think I'd better come and get her. She should see a Dr.. She should be home, with
me.” David said, decisively.

“With all due respect, David. She's going to be my wife and I've tried it your way. Please, let me take care of her, for a few days, on my own. There's a Dr. here, if she needs one. I'll keep you updated and Dylan's here. If I can't do this, David, the match will be broken. I have to restore her faith in me and I've made some big mistakes, along the way. You know, yourself, submission must be given willingly. I've been trying to force the issue and it's had the opposite effect.”

“Well, I don't know, Evan… Alright, I guess it can't hurt to try. I feel like I'm not close enough to judge, where her head is, so I'm going to trust you. Don't mess it up, Evan.”

“I won't, David. But not because you said so. I need to make it right, or I'm going to lose her, and that's the last thing on earth I want. I'll phone you in a few days. Sooner, if it goes badly. Thank you, Sir. Yes, I'll take good care of her. I'll touch base soon. Goodbye, Sir.”

Janie couldn't believe her ears. Evan had stood up to her Father!! He'd as much as said he'd been wrong, to force her into this training thing, when she'd been so upset. Not, just her Daddy, but the Lodge elders! Her Father would have a fight on his hands. What would the Counsel say about it? She guessed her Daddy, would tell them to go pound salt. He wouldn't take orders from anyone, when it came to his daughter. She felt so much better. The two men who loved her the most, had stood up for her. As Evan put down the phone. Janie sat up weakly, and looked at Evan.

“You do love me, after all.”, she cried.

“Of course I do, Janie. It's going to be alright. You'll see. Now let's get you into the tub. Now, please can you behave yourself? I can't take another day like yesterday. I'm exhausted!”

“I'm going to be the best girl, in the whole world, Evan.” She threw her arms around him and kissed him. Not since the Midsummer Fair, had her heart been so full of love.

“Let's get you looking presentable, Janie. It's time I put a ring on that finger. Let's make our engagement official. We're going shopping!”. Evan picked her up and twirled her around. We're going to start again, you and I, and this time we going to get it right.

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It's been just over a year since I joined here and started reawakening my hiding inner spanko. So much has happened since then. Wow.

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Kik me at time99909 for spanking instructions.

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I saw this quiz on another site and thought it would be fun to try, my results were right on target. Check it out!

My results!!!

== Results from ==
98% Submissive
97% Brat
86% Vanilla
78% Rope bunny
56% Masochist
51% Slave
48% Experimentalist
38% Primal (Prey)
37% Pet
32% Boy/Girl
6% Ageplayer
6% Degradee
3% Non-monogamist
1% Primal (Hunter)
1% Exhibitionist
1% Voyeur
1% Daddy/Mommy
0% Rigger
0% Dominant
0% Degrader
0% Owner
0% Master/Mistress
0% Sadist
0% Switch

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I'm sorry that I've had to take a little break... My eyes needed a rest, but hopefully I'll be back on schedule tomorrow. Thank you for your patience. Xojanie

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Been browsing on SpankingTube for many years, never really signed in or knew about the community on here. I usually use fet or pleasespankme to find like minded friends. Please feel free to message me if your in the seattle area and want to learn more about me. My fet name is gentlemanstatus


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after havin a few people encouraging me.. I just may have to give fetlife another shot...

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Pardon me? What was that again?

please don’t hurt me… mmmh… let me see.

What am I supposed to do? Cuddle you till you cry bloody murder?
Yeah, right.

You spankees’re all like: “I hate the paddle, I hate that dreadful spoon, yadyadyada…”

Well then, fine. No spankings anymore. But then what?
So I’m taking the riding crop to remove all the spider webs from corners of my living room, stirring the soup with the rug beater and use the wooden spoon for planting flowers, painting the paddle red and direct the traffic. With the hair brush I can give my shoes some good polish.

Of course, I could do all that but you know what’s better?


[i]"spank me but please don't hurt me"…[/i]
sounds like “wash me but please don’t make me wet”

Guys, you need to make up your minds!

Infinity / Missy

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I went to the gym today. Its been 6 days since I went last. I was dying to go. I missed it so much. I had some major stress to work through. So after I worked on my stomach and arms I put on my head phones and got on the bike. I just closed my eyes and tuned everyone out. It was nice. Lord my legs were screaming at me but I pushed through. I did 30 minutes so I am pretty happy with that. But maybe next time I can do more. I really want to get on the elliptical because I hear it burns some major calories but that thing scares the shit out of me!!! Lol so not ready for that. I have a feeling I will end up on my butt.

But anyway I will be back there on Friday. Lets pray I can move in the morning. Lol not so sure.

Happy spanks,

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Nothing new here since I've been so good since my last spanking two weeks ago! Isn't being good so boring though?!

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I wonder am I brave enough? What if the weather changes and there is a sudden and violent gust of wind?

Last weekend my Sir paid me a visit and spanked me for voting for Jeremy and his Labour Party. On Saturday,as another form of punishment, I had to endure two hours on the Mall watching the Queens Birthday celebrations,my feet are still in agony! Sir was outraged when I confessed to him that I have no interest whatsoever in the Queen or the royal family,I think having royalty is outdated and a huge unnecessary expense. Sir says I should be sent to the Tower,but then decided to take matters into his own hands and once we got home I was spanked with his belt and had to say 'God Save The Queen' after every stroke. Mean Sir!

BTW sticking your tongue out as the Queen passes is not nice!LOL.

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Just getting tattoo recoloured, just on the skin of the bottom and bit of the black outline has come off.
Plus get Mike the tattoo artist to draw the tattoo over scar so he can price it up.

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171 views · 2 days ago's the only thing that keeps me hangin' on

just wanted to share some of my play list
rock on Spankos, rock on

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Please check out my latest release from Blushing Books, The Wedding Lingerie.



“I want you to do something for me, okay? For the rest of these swats. Can you do that?”
She frowned, suspicious of the tone in his voice. “What is it?” She turned to peer over one shoulder, angling sharply so she could see the mischievous glint in his eye as he grinned at her and explained what he wanted.
“I want you to put your little hands down between your legs, into your secret place. And while I spank you, I want you to pleasure yourself. I want to watch you rub your clit while I spank you until you cum.”
Christina felt herself gaping but she couldn’t quite make her mouth close. She stared at her husband so long that her neck began to hurt from the angle it took to look at him. “You want me to… masturbate?”
“I want you to pleasure yourself while I’m spanking you. It’s a little different than jacking off all alone in a dark room somewhere,” he corrected. Then he shrugged. “But then again, we’ve already established what a naughty little thing you are and how badly you need to be punished, so is it really such a stretch of the imagination that I might have found you masturbating, decided to spank you for your deviant behavior, only to discover that the spanking only further turned you on?”

Finally, with a sigh, she wordlessly stepped up to the desk, bent over at the waist and rested her forearms on the work surface.
Within a second, the back of the deplorably short uniform skirt was whisked up and laid on her back, revealing the miniscule, black, silk thong she was wearing.
‘Professor Reinmiller’ whistled behind her. “Miss Whitaker! I thought I was shocked by your total disregard for dress code policy regarding uniform skirt length and blouse tightness! But this absolutely takes the cake! These are not regulation white panties! Are they, Miss Whitaker?”
Christina couldn’t help but snicker. He sounded so funny, between the way he kept calling her ‘Miss Whitaker,’ and how he was referring to the absurdity of her sexy schoolgirl outfit now.
“Did you just laugh at me, young lady?”
“No! No, Sir.” Giggle.
“Yes, you did. This is not a funny matter, miss. I can see I have my work cut out for me with you. Oh yes, I do. At least, these panties will make spanking you nice and easy, considering I won’t even have to tug them down over your hips to properly discipline you. Still, I am very disappointed. Now, you just wait right there, with your naughty backside up in the air like that, while I go and find something appropriate to paddle you with. Don’t you move.”
It felt rather sexy to lay there, her breasts pressed flat against the desk, her hands grabbing it on one side, her bottom pushed out, nearly naked and waiting. She was obviously ready for a man to come and make good use of her – whether for sex or a good spanking or for both was still to be seen, but her position was clear that one or the other was coming and very soon. The knowledge made her legs tremble and her clit twitch.
When the ‘professor’ returned, he had a ruler in his hand. It was a regular twelve-inch ruler, but Christina knew it well and she knew it was thick and hard.

“Touch yourself. Your bottom. Your breasts. For me. While you stand there.”
She turned back to the crevice of the walls with a small, secretive smile. She said not a word, but she very slowly brought her hands to her bottom and cupped her warm cheeks, gently kneading the abused flesh, even lightly scratching it.
“Yeah, baby, just like that,” Brian encouraged.
Christina’s hands gradually moved from her bottom down her legs; she bent completely in half at the waist and stroked first one leg, then the other, from thigh down to toes.
Behind her, Brian whistled, long and low. “You’re quite a picture right now, just beautiful. The sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life.”
She took her time teasing him; he’d asked for it, after all. When she stood back up, it was time for her to turn around and face the room… the perfect time to tease him by touching her front.
Of course, it was much harder to do than her bottom and legs had been. But she took a deep breath, met her husband’s heated gaze, and laid her hands on her breasts.
She heard his soft intake of breath, and a lopsided smile tugged at her lips.
She cupped her breasts, pushing the mounds of flesh together, tweaking the nipples gently into hard pebbles. She bent her neck low and pressed a kiss onto each little knoll.
Then she raked her hands leisurely down from her breasts, over her tummy, to the junction of her thighs. With a wink in her husband’s direction, she very slowly began to rub herself, watching her husband, as he watched her.
“Don’t cum,” he told her.
Her eyebrows rose. “Says who?”
“Says me. Don’t you cum. Not without me, this time. You hear me?”
“You’re the one who wanted me to do this over here in the corner!”
“Yeah, I know. And now I’m the one telling you, you are not to cum without me.”

Elite Pain