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for my next model build, the German battleship Tirpitz

I became fascinated with the story of the German battleship Tirpitz (sister ship to the Bismarck) after watching a documentary on the RAF run that sank it. A behemoth of a battleship, Hitler had sent it to Norway to disrupt allied efforts to support the Russians. Churchill made it a top priority to sink the Tirpitz.

The Brits attempted many times to make it happen. On their next to last attempt, they flew a squadron of Avro Lancasters known as the "dam busters" up the coast, turned inland, and came in behind the Tirpitz and caught it unaware. A heavy cloud cover disrupted the mission and RAF pilots were unable to see their target. The mission was aborted. Hitler moved the Tirpitz to another location, closer to a German airbase for increased air support, and built radar facing inland to prevent another surprise. The Brits responded with the next, and this time successful, run at the Tirpitz...

...with the exact same plan.

Knowing the element of surprise was lost, they figured on a thirty minute window once the radar had picked them up. Fifteen minutes off target, there was still no response from German air support - they had their sitting duck. Using specially designed "Tallboys" (the biggest bomb used in the war) they scored three direct hits on the Tirpitz as well as several near misses that contributed to the ships sinking. They got in, sank the Tirpitz, and got out - without one loss or casualty. An amazing story for sure.

a model build of the Tirpitz (not mine)

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That's how IAM classifying myself now. Instead of a submissive. They are tow separate things. I think the reason why I was so mixed up. About what IAM. Now I can be the woman I want to be. ... I keep asking my self how can I be so. Bratty and be a submissive. It didn't make sense. But now it does. Now I can be trained the right way and learn my place. I have been so mixed up now I understand ...

Spanking Bailey
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Recently, I got home one Friday from a very stressful day of work. I was really looking forward to being home and relaxing the whole weekend. I wasnt home for more than 15 minutes when Blu, my hubby, did something that really annoyed me, and I lost my temper and started yelling at him, ending with, "Do I make myself clear? To which he responded, "alright, alright, I get it, you dont have to yell at me like I'm a child. Sheesh, why dont you just punish me and send me to my room, hehe"

His response also annoyed me. I may be sounding a little bitchy but I'm not normally like that; it was just what he did combined with my crankiness, set me off, and now his response didnt make me feel like he understood my feelings, and was sort of mocking me too, so I said, "I just want you to understand my position" and he said, "I do" and said he was going to take care of something. As he left the room, he mumbled something which sounded to me like "fuck you" and that was the proverbial straw.

I ran towards him and grabbed his shirt collar and tried to pull him but he wiggled my hand off of him. Instinctively, I grabbed his ear and said, "Dont you ever curse me, who do you think I am? Im your wife and you will treat me with respect, Always!" While I was saying this, I was twisting his ear and pulling his head close to me, as he is taller. All along, he's like, WTF are you doing, let go of me. Sounded so small.

To be honest, I wasnt really sure what my plan was, I was just mad and felt disrespected. I never, ever pulled his ear before. I never pulled anyone's ear before. I was in a new space. And then something on the kitchen counter caught my eye. Blu was cooking and he had a rather nice, thick wooded spoon sitting there. When I saw it, cooking wasnt on my mind. Instead, I wanted to beat the shit out of him. It amazes me that despite having these emotions running through me, I was incredibly calm. Spanking his cute butt has become a bit of a zen-like experience for me, releasing me from stress, anxiety, frustration and anger. Blu was going to get it.

I held onto his ear and walked him to the counter while he was saying, "ow, ow, ow" and I grabbed the spoon and walked back to the table area and let go of him. "You really upset me" He started to say something and I cut him off, "shut the fuck up, I dont want to hear it. I am going to spank you. You were rude, disrespectful, and lacked any concern of my emotions. You even joked that I should punish you, well it's no joke, you deserve it. Now pull down your pants."

"You cant be serious" he said. Why do you always question my seriousness when I tell you that you are getting a spanking? You agreed to this life and believe me, you benefit big time. Im out there working and bringing home the money and supporting this household while you are enjoying lots of free time for creativity and of course taking care of this home, which I would like to point out is sorely in need of a vacuuming, amongst other things. You've been slacking. He didnt immediately take his pants off. He was staring at me as I sat on the kitchen chair and he was holding his ear. I stared back and finally offered, "if you need me to help you get undressed......" and he started unbuckling his jeans and looking at me in disbelief.

If you read my Parts 1 & 2 story about us, you know that Blu is pantied. A while ago, roughly timed to when I first saw him suck cock, I decided that cocksuckers dont wear boxers and I took him to buy a bunch of his own panties. Anyway, when he took his jeans off, I saw that he was wearing a white lacy thong. Oh my fucking gawd, his buns are right there for me to see. I love his buns. I was undecided if I make him keep them on or take them off. I decided I should take them off so I could work the crack too, maybe caress his hole a bit. I was getting excited at the prospects but didnt let on, maintaining my demeanor. So as he stood in front of me, his crotch at my eye-level, I leaned in, my hair falling against him, I saw his cock twitch and ignored it, and softly tugged his thong down to his ankles and grabbed his wrist and pulled him over my lap.

My skirt got hiked up a bit and his cock was between my thighs, and I could feel him getting hard from the pressure against my bare thigh. And I started spanking him with the spoon, the first time not using my hairbrush. I gave a bunch or medium hits working all the way around his butt, ensuring that every area was feeling it, and then I picked up the pace, hitting fast and hard and he started bouncing around, his cock was still against my leg, but I dont think he was excited any more - lol. The more I spanked, the more his buns got pink, then red, and I was aroused. I felt tingling, I was getting wet. Now this is not an emotion I expected to feel, but seeing his cute little buns getting red, seeing and feeling him move all over my lap, it was thrilling me and I didnt want to stop, so I didnt.

I was just going to spank him enough to get my point across that he acted disrespectful but in the middle of it, I started to get turned on, and also felt amazingly calm and no longer stressed. I felt amazing actually, it was wonderful. And the more I hit, the more contrite and demure he got, saying he was sorry and promising not to do it again - all hollow words in my opinion. The redder his buns got, the more excited I became.

When I finally ended it, I looked over my work completely. I ran my hand over his buns and could feel the heat, and even told him so. I like to let him know how wonderful he looks and feels. The rest of the night, I insisted he wear his white lacy thong and a tshirt around the house, and nothing else. Seeing him at the stove with a red ass, I started to finger myself at the table. I got up at one point and as I passed by the island where he was wrapping something, I pinched his ass cheek and he screamed. I giggled. I slapped his cheeks with my hands several more times that night until we went to bed and when we did, I insisted I spoon him while wearing one of my strap-ons. He hates that because he feels it's degrading.

Spanking is the best stress reliever ever for me, and I also find he has become a much better housekeeper and is more attentive to my needs too, but inevitably, he keeps finding ways to mess up so I have to maintain my dedication to teaching and disciplining him. He agreed that I have the authority to spank him whenever I feel it is necessary or whenever the fuck I want for no reason at all other than I can - and I dont plan to back down from that, I have realized that I cannot, for the betterment of both of us.

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Spanking Bailey
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I got some comments that some people like to see a bare bottom job in progress, but I'm a nylon fan, so let's meet somewhere in the middle. I modeled some new transformable tights this evening and they look very realistic (if I'm allowed to self-evaluate). Hehe! I've never seen anyone do this tights transformation with 3D graphics yet, so if you're into this sort of thing then yay for us!!! I get a chubby every time I see a girl pull down her tights for a paddling.

Does anyone else like the tights down bare bottom look?

I would love to hear from y'all!!

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Two short clips added.

First is OTK with hand spanking,Slipper and Hairbrush.

Second is Belted for masturbating after punishment...

To come....Headmistress informed of masturbating I am sure
a hard tawsing will be required..

Watch this space.....!!


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So I have decided to become a better submissive and not be mouthy and not back talk and not till eyes. We will see what happens . It will be very hard for me cause IAM mouthy sub .. sometime soon I don't even know IAM doing it . Just happens. Any suggestions on how to change that? Let me know thanks Cassandra

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Last new toy arrived today.
A soft spiral butt plug/dildo.
It has a strong sucker base so you could fuck your ass or pussy anywhere.
The tip is 2.5cm, widest is 5cm and the bottom 3.2cm
It's 12.3cm long.
Looks like it will be fun. Wonder if you will feel all the ridges, certainly hope so.

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Raven was pulled to the floor, by her collar. She had just let loose, verbally on David. She was known to have a fiery temper and she'd perhaps overreacted to David's training. She had after all, begged him for another chance. The things that she'd just blurted, were terrible! She’d take them back, if she could.

David had been pushing and pushing Raven. He knew she'd lose her temper eventually. He let her stew for a minute, but he couldn't hold back his laughter. When she'd hurled the dish, some of the egg had, somehow, landed on her face. The irony amused him. She would have to pick it all up but honestly, she looked like a little girl throwing a tantrum. He thought she was stunning, even as she stomped her feet and pounded her fist. He was getting softer, as he grew older. If this had happened a few years ago. He would have found nothing funny about it! Life teaches you a sense of humor out maybe, he just didn't have it in him anymore. He really just wanted to be happy. He'd been lonely after he and his wife became estranged. He devoted his life to raising Janie, to working and to leading the Lodge. He was in love with Raven. He just wanted to enjoy their life together.

At least he finally knew what was on her mind. David knew he'd been inflexible to those under his purview. He carried the weight of setting a good example in the community. He led by example and it was not easy, nor did it make him popular. He was consistent though and fair. He commanded respect. He refused to allow Raven to see him chuckling. He used his napkin to wipe his mouth, in order to conceal his grin. He regained his composure and addressed Raven.

“Well, do you feel better now that you've gotten all of that off of your chest? Raven, I've been asking you, to just tell me your feelings for days. I would have preferred you'd done it willingly. Instead, I had to push you, until you did!”

“I'm sorry David, I know I've disappointed you again.” He saw the tears marking her face as she looked up from the floor. He was a very tall man. She felt so small, dwarfed in his shadow. How could she explain herself?

“Stand up, Raven.”, he said.

She wondered what he'd do, but as she rose, he opened his arms. “You know I love you, honey. We have to talk this through. You know, I'm going to punish you for that outburst but first, let's see if we can reach an understanding. You'll also be cleaning up that mess. You're not leaving it for Olivia. “

She rushed into his embrace, feeling such relief. When David held her, she felt like all her doubts and fears vanished. She wasn't sure that punishing her clients was that important to her, anymore. She suspected what mattered more, was that it was her choice. She didn't mind being submissive in their domestic affairs, but the Club was her family business. Just because he'd invested, didn't mean she wanted him to take over. She'd have to find a way to make him understand.

He held her and they spoke quietly and calmly. Raven told him that she wanted to stay involved at the Club, maybe even occasionally seeing clients. He told her, it might mean they couldn't marry for a while or perhaps, he'd have to ask James, his brother, to take over the Lodge. He promised her, he'd consider her feelings. He wasn't sure he could give her everything she wanted, but maybe they could meet somewhere in the middle. She really felt that he was listening with his heart.

David's head was swimming. He was trying to foresee the repercussions. How it would affect his business, the Lodge, his life, his daughter, to allow her that freedom? He wanted marriage but, he'd like to stay in office until Dylan was ready to take his place. James never had a taste for making the difficult choices. He hoped his son was made of sterner stuff. He still had to take hold of the reigns and show Raven that he would lead them, in the days ahead. It was important that she felt his confidence and certainty. He had to respond to her disrespect. That was part of how he showed her, he was in charge and everything would be alright.

He held her a minute longer and pushed back, her dark thick hair . He gently kissed her forehead and said, “You must trust me Raven. You know I can't let your behavior slide. If we are to go forward, you must follow me and stop wrestling for control. Do you understand that?!”

She nodded. She wanted to be everything he wanted but she had stood alone for so long. It was second nature. She did trust him. He was smart and fair and he loved her. Of that, she was certain. With her daughter, Tempest leaving home, she'd have to make her own future with David or go it alone. She did not want to be alone.

“I will let you lead, David. I don't mind, if we wait to marry. Let's just find a way to be happy. I'm sorry I've been so much trouble. The lies, the sneaking around, the disrespect… It's over. I'll accept whatever punishment you decide is just. I know you want to train me to be submissive but please, be patient.”

"Clean up that mess and apologize to Olivia!"

Raven very quickly, got a rag and the waste basket from the kitchen. Olivia tried to do it for her but David made sure Raven did it all, herself. When everything was clean, she returned to him.

“Come on, Raven, I'll only strap you right now. But it's far from over." He took her hand and led her to his study. He bent her over the sturdy, leather arm of the sofa. He pulled down the flimsy, transparent panties, exposing her generous derriere.

Raven was quiet and cooperative. She almost looked forward to the whipping. Each stripe took her a step closer to his forgiveness. The thick tufted hide of the couch was buttery soft and cool on her bare skin. Her pretty feet barely touched the floor. Only the tops of her toes felt the plush, deep pile of the Persian rug, which covered the hardwood floors. She could see, as her head rested on the seat cushions, David opening the drawer. He chose a strap and pulled it free.

David didn't really want to punish her, but he felt it needed to be done. It was the way of their world. He had selected a double strap. The first layer was rubber and the second layer was leather. They were separate but, sealed together within the handle. The rubber would sting and burn and the leather would snap and dig. The width of the strap was almost two inches, the length nearly twenty.

Raven had one of her own, at the Club. She knew it was going to hurt...a LOT! She tried to straighten out her legs, to tighten her muscles. It would keep the strap from really penetrating too deeply, into her muscle mass, rather, it would bounce off.

David knew she was trying to minimize the effect of her punishment. “No, Raven, feet touching the floor, now!”

David rearranged her so her bottom was pushed out from the sofa and her waist was over the arm. Now, her weight partially rested on her tippy toes. When he was satisfied. He took a step back and got a feel for the strap. He estimated the proper distance to deliver the blows. David planted himself firmly, legs spread for balance. His muscular arm lifted and the strap flew through the air and hit, with a crack. You could barely see it. The velocity of its motion was so quick, it blurred as it struck. The long rubber length smacked her asscheeks with a snap and it's long rubbery tongue licked around her hip, extending the stripe by another eight inches. A surprised and painful “yip”, closely followed the slap.

Raven's skin soon reacted to the blow. At first the skin turned white, as the strap impacted her flesh. Her body responded by rushing blood to the area, turning it pink. The surface swelled and the welt became defined. Her buttocks were still quivering, when the second stroke left its own mark. Its force rippled her skin, and her knees have way for a second. Tears raced to fill her eyes and a scream was muffled by her tightly pressed lips. The blows came fast now.
One after the other, they landed. Her torso twisted, her feet kicked, but nothing could stop the strap. Her voice became high and panicked, keening in pain. The heat and sting became her only reality. Her eyes shut tight and endorphins and adrenalin flooded her bloodstream. Her heart thudded, her muscles constricted and shook. It was done.

David had watched each whack, hit and color. He'd tried not to cross the stripes with the subsequent lashes, but the strap had a mind of its own. He finally exhaled deeply, feeling the fatigue of the day already weighing upon him.
He tossed the heavy implement into his desk and went to comfort his beauty.

Her tears belonged to him, as did her pain. In these precious moments, he owned her, heart and soul. He lifted her from her place and sat in the throne at his desk. He settled her, sobbing, on his lap. Her tearstained face was lovely, as it rested against his shoulder. He would comfort her and give her his strength. She’d need it, for the trail that still awaited her. He hoped that it ended happily, but it was all so uncertain. He had to get things done. He'd devoted the last several days to Raven. He had not even spoken to Janie or Evan in days.

He carried Raven up the big staircase to his room. She wept, as he placed her on her tummy. Her bottom and thighs were the color of hot coals. It felt as though a swarm of hornets had attacked her. She could feel her tissue their with the beat of her heart.

David applied a cooling ointment of mint oil and lanolin. His calloused palms and fingers were gentle, but their touch was painful. He fetched a cool we cloth and bathed her face. He even held a hankie to get runny nose and told her to blow, like a little child. He kissed her cheek and told her to rest. There would be challenges still to come before the day was done.

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Spanking Bailey
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The world is full of misguided young ladies needing a little intervention. I hope you enjoy. Please subscribe and comment.

Stay tuned and please let me know if you have any suggestions on how Mallorie's ass should be busted in a future episode.

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Today was good. Day. Hung out with a friend. Got in better mood. And felt like I mattered again. Had a smile on my face all day. Not sure what tomorrow will bring but today was good.

Wasn't down on myself and. Didn't think about harming myself in anyway. Which BN I haven't felt this way for a long time... I need a better self esteme. Feel pretty and feel worth something....

So hopefully I will get better soon ... I have lost so much weight and IAM proud of myself and day by day step by step...

Spanking Bailey
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Today was good. Day. Hung out with a friend. Got in better mood. And felt like I mattered again. Had a smile on my face all day. Not sure what tomorrow will bring but today was good.

Wasn't down on myself and. Didn't think about harming myself in anyway. Which BN I haven't felt this way for a long time... I need a better self esteme. Feel pretty and feel worth something....

So hopefully I will get better soon ... I have lost so much weight and IAM proud of myself and day by day step by step...

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white knickers pulled down, and her bare bottom smacked in front of the whole class ....

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back to work today after a 3 day weekend.... today wasn't so bad at work even tho it dragged on... have plans comin up this weekend.. fri a Mary Kay party at one of my daughters houses ( bringin graham cracker pudding)... sat goin to my sons for his bday as it falls durin the week n goin durin the week is out ( bringin rice pudding).. sun a brunch at my oldest sisters house with 3 of my sisters n my only brother ( other sister is in Fla n wont b there ) makin a dessert for that too...........n then the weekend after that.. ALL GIRLS CAMPIN with my daughters... cant express how happy n excited I am about that... always a lot of fun.... BUT at the same time... my need for a good long spankin is in full bloom... that need to b pulled down over a knee.. skirt lifted ( no under britches to lower) n get a damn good spankin......... need it.. want it............ wont get it :(

Spanking Bailey
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Who do you turn to when there's trouble in paradise in your BDSM relationship? My Dom isn't speaking to me. I'm angry, upset, and lonely.
He claims that He doesn't care if I see other guys, but is that the answer?Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,lolita.

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My wife selected star panties for me to wear today. "Steven I hope you will be reminded all day about your spanking tonight wearing these panties. I'm going to paddle your bottom until you see stars when I put you to bed!

I'm going to put the brush to good use young man!

Brutal Punishments