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I am beginning to get in touch wih my inner sissy but need some help in doing so. I prefer a dominant female or TG/TS but I'm willing to accept guidance from select dominat males.
I believe that the hairbrush, bathbrush and paddle can be very effective teachers. I would like to be taught to suck sissy clits and boy cocks and I'd like to be traind to swallow their inevitable emmissions. But my remaining male pride won't allow me to even try.
Do you think your hairbrush, bathbrush and paddles can persude me to begin oral service to sissies and boy cocks?
How many sessions with each implement would be necessary? How many swats? How hard? Over my panties, bare or both? I can take several dozen of the brush otk although I do a lot of wiggling but I would probably have to be restrained to take the paddle.
Do any of you have experience with this kind of training? What would your training program consist of?
In the meantime I can only fantasize and self spank while I await responses.

Humbly yours, CH4

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The attachments for the restraints are all in place.

Two big fat cushions are positioned in the middle of the bed where they’ll thrust her unmarked tender bottom up high in the air where it’ll be the perfect target for the descending cane.

The die and the key to which spanking corresponds to which number are handy on the bedside table.

Anna too is ready for what is to come. She’s wearing her slinkiest silk blouse, as chosen earlier by Mr A, and she has on the cuffs and anklets with which she’ll be restrained. Her guts, however, are doing flip-flops of fear and anticipation. Very soon now, a good sturdy forsythia rod will be cracking down onto her bare bottom, causing her agony.

She finds she’s hardly breathing with the dread, and takes a few deep slow breaths to steady herself.

Just in time. It’s time. She must throw the die and learn what she’s in for.

It seems as though the die is never going to stop spinning before it comes to rest. One. 24 strokes to be administered as Mr A wishes, fast or slow, regular or irregular.

Oh my. A scary one. Twenty-four strokes is daunting enough, but she finds the uncertainty of how they’ll be delivered hard to handle. Hard and fast would have her squirming and whimpering for sure. Irregular would almost certainly have her crying out as she is taken by surprise. She wouldn’t be able to trust regular because that could change at any moment . . .

Still, she says nothing, and climbs onto the bed where she positions herself meticulously over the cushions. Too meticulously? Is she really taking such care to have her bum perfectly placed? Or is it a pretext to gain a few extra seconds before the onslaught starts?

Whatever, her ankles are soon secured together and to the centre of the footboard, then each wrist to its own side of the headboard. For the next agonising minute or two now she’s not going anywhere much at all.

“But I’ll do my best to be quiet and not try to twist away,” she promises herself, conscious all the time of the clenching in her belly. Fear and arousal. A potent blend.

Her trim little bottom, so naked to the air and so vulnerable, feels enormous. An unmissable target soon to be the source of pain that will seem to invade her whole body.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Three in quick succession. Her legs jerk straight, pushing her up off the cushion for a moment before she eases herself down again. Ouch, that hurt. Did it really hurt that much last time, or had she forgotten? She must have forgotten, or why else would she have let herself in for this again?

The seconds pass. Mr A has moved around the bed, but she doesn’t look. Tries to brace herself for whatever is to come next.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Three again! Harder, and harder to take, but still she holds herself silent and in place other than an involuntary kick of her shackled feet.

Mr A’s bare feet are round to her right again. What will it be this time? No good wondering, though. What’s to happen will happen whether she likes it or not, whether she can take it or not. But surreptitiously she twists her hands around and grasps the cord that’s securing her wrists. Holding on to help herself hold on.

Crack! Crack! Crack! And this time she really jerks at the intensity of the pain. Still able to remain silent, though. Feet pad around behind her, reappear on her left. Of its own accord her bottom clenches in protest against the inevitable.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Twelve, she counts, at the same time as Mr A announces that she’s at twelve and halfway. By now she’s panting and squirming, and pain has pushed awareness of anything other than the swish of the cane and the throbbing of her bottom to the edges of consciousness. All she can wonder is whether the pattern of threes will hold, or whether it’s about to change for the second half of her beating.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Aaagh! Too soon! Caught her by surprise! And as the pain continues to mount her contortions become stiff and jerky as she struggles against her body’s instinct to twist her away, anywhere away, to escape the inescapable descent of the cruel stick.

Where the hell is he now? When will the next strokes come? Another three? Is that pattern about to change? She finds herself holding her breath in the effort to steel herself against the knowledge of pain to come.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Aagh! Aagh! She cries out, she can’t help herself, but as the count reaches eighteen there’s also relief. If the strokes are all to come in threes, the end is in sight. Two more sets, and it’ll be over. Maybe she can get through without totally disgracing herself? Her whole body is now clenched rigid in the attempt. “Only six more! Only six more!” she repeats to herself like a mantra.

Although why she should feel the need to stifle her cries and hold herself in place is a bit of a mystery. The double-glazed windows are closed, so she could shriek pretty loudly without bringing the neighbours around to find out what’s going on. She is firmly restrained, so struggle as she might, there’s no way she could get out of the path of the cane whistling down. Somehow, though, she feels she must be as brave as she can, even though she knows silent stoicism is out of her reach.

Nineteen, twenty, and twenty-one. Harder. She bucks. She kicks. She gives a series of breathy cries. Still, she keeps her bottom where it belongs on top of the cushions, desperately clenching and unclenching, but not twisting away. Locks herself rigid again.

Twenty-two and twenty-three and twenty-four. Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Writhing, kicking, bucking as the pain mystically continues to mount for second after second after the last three strokes whack down on top of existing welts.

And then she subsides into the stillness of blissful relief that it’s over.

Oh my, that was painful. And wonderful.

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Hi Spanking Tube!

I used to receive email notifications from Spanking Tube when anyone commented on my wall, sent me a private message, or sent a friend request. I no longer receive any notifications, even though I still receive messages in my inbox. I don't usually come to S.T. every day, so if I don't log in I have no way of knowing if I've received any messages. (btw, there is nothing wrong with my email provider. I receive emails from everyone but Spanking Tube.)

I have sent emails to Spanking Tube Support, asking them to help me, but I have not received any replies from them.

I'm hoping someone in the Support Department will see this blog and be able to help me.

If anyone else knows a way I can correct this, please comment here, or send me a private message.

Thank You,


Spanking Sarah
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I get lots of Friend Requests from viewers who would like to watch my Private spanking videos. I will ONLY accept requests from people who have fully filled out their SpankingTube Profile Show More section in a meaningful way and who desire to correspond and tell me about themselves, i.e., tell me WHY I would want them as a friend. All others have to be rejected. I think that is fair. I am sharing very intimate and sexy videos that reveal a lot about myself. These are not teasers for commercial videos. I do not get paid for these. I only desire to share them with people who are interesting, honest, and nice, and like to share, if not their own videos, at least experiences and ideas in correspondence.

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#RiseAndShine, you are the master of your own time. you better make of it good use, because on report card day,we dont take no excuse #StrictMotivation

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{SMAC} provides you with a do-able, working step by step strategy and a good guidance how to switch from dysfunction and failing to working coping skills. You will get encouraged to devoting the necessary energy and consistancy of effort into your self improvement to grow and overcome challenges

Dont hesitate, dont wait, strive: to improve your life!
just get better with #StrictMotivation


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It's my bday weekend, and I'm hoping my wife will give the present I want!
Wish me luck! (and few smacks too if you wish)

Spanking Sarah
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Hi folks - just for those who know me - I am booked for a good caning on Monday, probably the hardest and longest I have veer had! - and guess what? I am THOROUGHLY looking forward to it!

Not sure if they will allow photos at the time (or video) but I am sure ther will be SOMETHING I can put on here for folks enjoyment

Have a great week-end, all of you.....

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I spoke with my best friend, who told me she had a dream about us the other day.
Oh god, i said, what were we doing this time.........

First let me get you in the picture.
Weve been best friends 40 yrs, i am a real girly girl, love pink and sparkles.
My friend is the complete opposite, towering over me, shes 6ft, im only 4ft 8, she is more manly, never any pink, makeup, handbags, shes gay and has now got a fascination in my DD lifestyle, ( only my 2 best friends know about it ), we talk about it often, i think if she found the right lady, she would ventually lead this lifestyle too.

So back to her dream.
I took her to a fetish party! Im dressed up in a pretty basque, stockings and heels, she is in her usual tracksuit and trainers.
When we arrived i apparently left her to go to speak to some other people, leaving her alone.
She spotted 2 lesbians who were playing together on the settee, when spotting my friend they came up to her, taking her hand, took her into a private room.
Stripping her of the tracksuit, the 2 ladies dressed her in a basque, her large breasts sitting perfectly at the top, slipped stockings up her long legs and gave her some pretty low heeled shoes.
Once pleased with the transformation, they bent her over the bed, and spanked her.
When they were satisfied with her burning red bottom, they took her up the bed to play.

At this point, my friend has no memory of what happened next. Something which she was so pissed about.
I cant remember the best bit, how can i not remember it ? She kept saying.
I know i was as horny as hell, she said. I wanna remember what happened next.

Her next memory was leaving the room, finding me, and both of us leaving the party still wearing our basques, stockings and shoes.

Well i laughed so much at her dream, she does have some mad ones, but i dont think i would go to a fetish party, but i reckon it shows shes more than a little interested in this side of life. She just needs to find the right girl.

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Hello Spankingtube Community.

Within the last hour. I have been blocked ( that is a first for me ) by some one I was trying to help.
My first message explained / critisized his unwanted behaviour in his private messaging.To certain female members who sought my advice and intervention.
My second message was advising how he could change it,and become part of our 'family of friends '.Sent in the sprit of helpfulness and co-operation.
Well that second message never got through,due him blocking me.
Those here who know me,and there are many of you.
Will know that I was only trying to deliver good advice.However that good advice sadly will not get through.
It was a lengthy message, I am only a two fingered typist, and I don't feel like I could write it again.

Al I can do now is wish him good luck in his future ventures.

Spanking Sarah
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I was wondering if anyone lives in Massachusetts.

179 views · 23 hours ago

ill? no... I have a big ol case of NEEDASPANKINITIS ......

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I'm sittin here thinkin bout spankings, lookin at spankin pics, peekin at vids n damn if I aint getting wet, warm n tingly in all the right places * flashes my bestest naughty grin*

Spanking Sarah
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I have just spent over an hour, chatting with another ST member.
Good, honest, genuine 'banter' - so refreshing, so enjoyable.
This to me is what ST is all about - bringing people together.
Happy days.

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I am taking suggestions on this topic. Any?

Spanking Sarah
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Sarah caught his eye several times from across the room. He was handsome, well dressed and extremely fit. He smiled back at her and started walking towards her. She felt the butterflies in her stomach and thought, could this really be happening? The room was loud from the small talk and jibberish that usually ocurrs at these boring work conferences. She didn't know what department he worked in, but she couldn't keep her eyes off of him and his chiseled body that she could see through his suit. As he approached, he held out his hand and motioned for her to come closer. She shook his hand and he didn't let go. He led her to the lobby and went straight for the elevator. She asked him what he trhought he was doing? No response, he just smirked and gave her a wink. No one noticed them leave as they entered the elevator. Once inside, he pressed the button for the 37th floor and Watched the elevator dooor close. Again, she asked where they were going and what he did he have in mind. The elevator door opened and he led her down the hall by her wrist. Sliding the key in the hotel door, she felt a rush of excitement build inside of her. Who was he? Could she trust him? Her mind raced with nervousness and anticipation. He held her wrist firmly and entered the room. She was hypnotized by his presence and didn't protest. Once inside, he pulled a chair out from the desk, sat down and pulled her over his knee. Startled and amazed by his abrupt boldness, she fell on to his lap and didn't say a word. He lifted her skirt and slid his thumb into the waistband of her panties, pulling them down in one swift motion. Sarah was beyond words at this point, for she always longed for a good hard spanking but how did he know what she wanted? Who was he? Her thoughts were abruptly erased as his hand slapped firmly on her bare bottom. A rush of excitement shot through her body and left, not only her bottom stinging but she felt the tingling on the back of her neck. He continued to spank her, harder with every stroke. Could this be a dream? She thought. SPANK SLAP SPANK! He relentlessly worked her ass like he owned it, not saying a word. She felt herself getting wet and writhed on his lap. Reaching her hand back to protect her bottom, he intercepted and pinned her hand to the small of her back and continued to rhythmically SPANK her firm round bottom. Thoughts again raced through her as she felt her bottom warming with every stinging blow. She was now incredibly turned on and moaned with each stroke of his hand. Surrendering herself to this stranger was nothing she ever could imagine. She was shocked and dumbfounded by what was happening. The room was dark and the sound echoed with each SLAP onher ass. His pace was faster now as he worked every inch of her beautiful butt. She started to whimper and felt herself starting to cum. He must have sensed this and immediately stroked her wetness with his strong hand, causing her to shudder over his lap. He worked his hand feverishly between her legs while incorporating a hard SPANK in between. His rythym was in perfect time, as if he were playing her bottom and body like an instrument. Losing control, she came hard and squeezed his hand between her legs. As she relaxed, feeling flushed, he continued to SLAP her even harder than before. Sweat dropped off of her brow and tears filled her eyes as she winced with every stroke. His pace slowed down now and he rubbed her bottom to soothe the redness. She was exhausted from his assault and felt a rush through her body that she only fantasizes about. As abruptly as he first grabbed her arm downstairs, he stopped caressing her. He pulled up her panties, lifted her up to her feet and looked down at her. Kissing her forehead and smiling, he said his name was Jay and he found her quite attractive. Would you care to join me for a drink after dinner? I'll meet you in the lobby at 9:00pm. Don't be late, otherwise you'll pay the price. He led her to the door and pointed to the elevator. See you later ..........

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Dear Daddy,

I am messaging you to sincerely apologise for my bad behaviour over the last few days. I have been very stupid on the roads speeding, not only putting my own life in danger but other people's lives too. Also I was silly and burned my arm and hand with my hair straighteners. Finally I shouted at you and was totally rude and disrespectful to you, you had only just woken up and must have wondered what the hell was going on.

Daddy I am really sorry and I know you are going to punish me for this. I think you should put me over your knee and hand spank my bottom with my knickers up for a while then they should be taken down and you should hand spank me some more on my bare bottom. Finally you should then finish me off with that wicked hairbrush of yours until I'm crying if you think that's what I need.

I love you daddy xx

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#RiseAndShine The thing, that makes a tool work, is the person using it. the thing that makes a tool work well, is a person using it properly #StrictMotivation

Behavioral Discipline {#SMBD} For less than the price of an avarage fast food menue a day, you can learn and train to operate a solid, unfailing navigational system that will ensure you can succeed at life. Caring yet firm guidance in a step by step program, with a real life coach “by your side”. paying attention as necessary to help you overcome old bad habits and transform them into new working ways. From the convenience of your home, long-distance, at your pace, you will learn how to spot opportunity in all situations and even turm adversity from misery to success to become the best version of yourself. #StrictMotivation

Strict Motivation is a working, holistic do-able and goal oriented life coaching. It provides guidance and assistance and helps people as well as businesses turn failing into success. Strict Motivation is designed to work Long Distance, from the convenience of your home and does not require you demeaning yourself let alone on web cam (!) It comes with full discretion services protecting your identity at no extra charge. At your pace and your place, tailored individually to your specific needs. Strict Motivation offers you the chance to reaching your worthy life goals. Reasonably priced and easily affordable rates combined with a successrate with willing people over 90%. No tricks; just get better with #StrictMotivation

(c) 2016

Spanking Sarah
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At the moment the only place for stories on the ST website is the Blogs section. Personally, I would like to see a separate Stories section so I don't have to go through all the blogs adverts etc if I want to read a spanking story (and there are lots of good ones to read).

Does any one else have a view on this?

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I guess I will soon be single. I have not heard from David since he woke up.

Real Spankings Pass